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  1. Thansk for the replies. in the end, I got dressed and took a wander down. I bumped into some police down there and told them about it. I stood underneath it for a couple of minutes and it was going a good 10-15ft either way during strong gusts They tried to work in it this morning, and then quickly abandoned it. Lets hope it fares better tonight.
  2. Right. I'm not entirely sure if i'm being over-cautious here but here it goes. I live in West One, and for the last two hours or so i've heard an alarm going off randomly. The girlfriend and I just looked out the window and the huge white crane on the building site on West St has got a yellow light spinning on it. When the wind picks up the whole crane spins around/shakes/wobbles/generally looks unsafe and a red siren lights up and an alarm sounds. It's starting to look quite dangerous. Do we call the police/someone? Surely it's not supposed to spin like that, it's come all the way out over West St! I've had a google for the name emblazoned on the side of the crane and it's got a daytime no. only.
  3. There was a scandal about seroxat recently. They original trials showed it was addictive, and they decided not to include that on the information they presented to the FDA. They've changed it all recently, and the new packaging and advice leaflets do say it's addictive. A lot of people in the UK version of the FDA (sorry, I forget the name) have quit in protest over it. Dodgy business.
  4. I'd say either East One in West One. That new chinese opposite the tattoo shop on West St or the Chinese buffet by Ponds Forge.
  5. Your open mindedness astounds me. So you're open minded, but the minute someone complains about having your art forced upon them - then you're going to kick the **** out of them? Well done.
  6. There are certain rights that cannot be cancelled out by terms and conditions like that. I believe Credit Card chargebacks are one of them. The Credit Card company can revoke that right from you, noone else. It's an agreement between you and them.
  7. Some people are sensitive to Ozone, and Laser Printers give that off in quite large ammounts if they've been around for a while.
  8. Lloyds = useless. They're stuck in 1830 with regards to their banking practices.
  9. *Wedges tin foil helmet firmly onto head*
  10. I've been in a car driving on wet tramlines downhill and it was quite scary. Not "going to lose control any second" scary, but I could feel the car planing a bit.
  11. Give me a time, and I'll make sure I'm wearing something comfortable.
  12. Mr Craig, my bedroom window is just out of view in your "Random Pic 3" You stalker :eek:
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