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  1. Need a cake making for my son's 18th beginning of may. Can anyone recommend a good reasonably priced baker?
  2. Posting on behalf of a friend. 14. 2 pony available for loan Loxley area. Very sweet pony. easy to catch groom etc. if you have food he will be your best friend. pm me if interested and I can put you in touch with owner. No time wasters or total beginners please. you need to know how to meet the needs of a horse. It is in a very small private yard s6 area.
  3. Sorry..my phone pants..was posting whilst trying to coax her.spell check went nuts! Small lurcher type dog on top of Herries Road on her own. Scrounging around bins. I tried to coax her to look at tab on her collar but she bolted. Went back with food but she was too timid. Wouldnt come near me. She looked well kempt and had pink collar on. About 20 _ 22 inches tall to shoulder. Fawn colour Posted on here in case anyone was missing her. It has been posed on lost dog sites.
  4. Dog running loose top of herries road. Well kempt lurch Drive ty Type. Tired to coax but v sacred
  5. Me and my neighbour need some household rubbish moving next week. Anyone reccomend someone who is reliable and reasonable.?
  6. Aww hope he is ok. Are they keeping him? I have heard that they are very good ---------- Post added 24-06-2015 at 02:25 ---------- Did you release him? How did it go? I was sooo upset that he passed as i really thought i had a chance of getting him home.i think he either fell or was thrown out of the nest as my limited research leads me to think he wasnt quite ready. He seemed to be in between nestling and fledgling. .if that makes sense?? If there is an in between. I have very little experience wirh birds. If it wasnt for the cats i might have left him to allow his family to look after him. Crows stay with parents for up to 2 years..he was just so vulnerable though. .poor old Herbert!!! Fly free young man x
  7. My little man was doing sooo well but took a turn for the worst this morning and we lost him.. i am sooo gutted...thank you for all your feed back and advice x
  8. Only got chicken in at mo. Do you think raw chicken would be ok?? Been doing research and he is def a baby crow about 3 /4 week s old. He is soooooo sweet but trying not to spent to much time with him as i know how clever they are and can easily be domesticated. Feeding him every hour and water in box. Will look for nest again tomorrow. Want to grt him back to mum asap
  9. Took him to vets. Wing not broken! !!! Yey..thinks its sprained..advised to rest for a couple of days then take him back to where i found him ---------- Post added 21-06-2015 at 14:12 ---------- Been given him meal worms..loves em!!
  10. I have brought it home. i think he is a youngster as when i offer water he opens his beak and takes it off me. I have offered cat food, recommended, but not interested?? will try to get to vets tomorrow. apparently Crows are v v clever!! despite his wing he has been perched on my hand when I put it in to offer water. stayed there for are while and even tried to preen his feathers whilst perched on me.
  11. Near Northern General hospital. ! I have made a few calls but no one can take it or help..I know most birds will either sort themselves out or die but couldn't leave it for the cats!!!
  12. we have found a crow with a broken wing and the cats are after it. We have it safe in a quiet box..any ideas anyone of any rescues which takes birds. Not got much time to look it up myself as I am at work Thanks
  13. I saw a femal comedien a few years ago in sheffield. she was very good but forgot her name. Lots of jokes re playground dynamics kids/Mums etc. any ideas??
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