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  1. Have not read the book... But after the movie, thought it was waste of time... unless you are a Peter Jackson fun.
  2. ... OK... I have been to over 100 movies, never been checked... How bad luck to get a check?
  3. My friends tickets, could not make it. So here it is. PM me contact details. The Wolfman Certificate 15 at Cineworld Sheffield Valley Centretaiment, Broughton Lane on 09 February 2010 Starts at 10:30 PM
  4. That's encouraging, thanks a lot. I think I will give council a call see that they can do. But the deposit, I don't think Crap and hay signed with TDS, so it is being held by them. Thanks.
  5. Oh, my god.... seems I am in big trouble. How this kind of people can still live their life of cheating others.
  6. That's extactly what they are doing!!! And unfortunately, I did contact the landlord, and he knows the problems, but still wants the agency to handle it.
  7. I asked twice about the month by month basis, but they refused it. I don't know if anything still can be done after I signed the extended contract. I do have the contact details for landlord. What's this for?
  8. They didn't go over any option with me, just told me there is only two option, either sign another 6 month or move out. I really hope I didn't go for this property now. This mounting pain makes nothing worth it.
  9. As far as I know from the previous agencies, they charge admin fee from beginning of the lease, and when you extend your contract, just resign the paper work. I have just been told by the staff at crap & hay after I signed my extended contract, I have to pay the admin fee very time I extend my contract. £75!! I asked what's that money for, and I was told for preparing the lease... What's that includes?! Photocopy a few paper!!! They even refuse to send the lease to my house, I have to pop in myself to sign it. I can understand they charge admin fee at the first time, but every time when you extend your contract!? I think that's just a con. And some staffs in there are just so aggressive, make you speachless. And have not mentioned the problems I had with them when the contract started... I am worried about my deposite now, am I in big trouble here? Just wondering how you pay your admin fee? Any suggestion will be welcome. Thanks.
  10. So.... I am having serious issues with Crap and hay as well.... Shocking Seems best idea wiil be do not sign the contract before you read everything on it.
  11. Don't know if this means anything to you. It's the tooltip leak the original info, i think maybe they forgot to change it.
  12. Stupid machine... always extremely hot... and now... Anybody please tell me where I can get one of those PSU? it's smaller than normal one, and needs sata support. Only know hard drive is alright, don't know other parts... Other hardware details... h t t p://support.thetechguys.com/layout.aspx?ID={20f69b80-77a4-4392-8953-42002640f119}&CatID={ef478b60-a94b-4834-8b07-6cff3e23e70a} Stupid website no psu info. Help please, Thanks a lot.
  13. Don't know what's the security there. Nearly all my friends told me that area is really bad... Really confused now. :confused: Anybody living in that area has any ideas? Thanks a lot. (Please don't delete this post, more people visit this section.)
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