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  1. But that's a rather silly argument. Those tunnels already exist. Even if more tunnels were built it wouldn't real raise the weapons threat significantly any higher than it is now. It's a bit like arguing that nuclear material be blocked from Israel for fear that they might build nuclear weapons, it's a bit pointless because Israel already have enough nuclear weapons.
  2. This seems the root problem with the Israeli Defence Force and Netanyahu's administration, they consider people with wooden poles and chair legs terrorists!
  3. I think that the free Online Amor is plenty good enough for most folks. It also has probably the best Key Logger protection than any other firewall, since it originally was specifically designed to protect against key loggers. Like I said, I've tried both over extended periods and my vote still goes for Online Amor.
  4. But the big problem is that the legality of a blockade is put into question when '"damage to civilian population is going to be excessive in relation to the military advantage'".-Maritime lawyer Douglas Guilfoyle Not allowing cement and other building materials through whether by land or sea is seen by many as excessively damaging to the civilian population. The UN certainly sees it that way and so do Amnesty international So the legality of the Gazan blockade is not anywhere near as clear cut as you make out Chuffinel. Take a listen to this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_8715000/8715428.stm
  5. Callippo what you fail to point out is that the majority of those 91+ deaths and 41 injuries were hotel staff so in fact the King David Hotel was STILL essentially a hotel regardless of whether the British Military had a HQ in part of the hotel. The time warnings are disputed with the British having conducted investigations concluding that no one that had enough authority to evacuate the hotel received any warnings. Any warnings that some say were delivered to hotel switchboard operator only 25 minutes before the blast in any case. Now If you've ever been in a fire drill you know how long it takes to evacuate a large building of its staff and to get away far enough from the building in question. Now given that the first warning was supposed to be delivered to the hotel switchboard operator then it would be quite a fair bet that the information may not be have been received with great urgency or seriousness, and certainly 25 minutes seems a painfully short time in which to firstly allow the switchboard operator to evaluate if the call was serious or not, then to contact her manager about it and then her manager to evaluate and investigate this call to see if it was worthy of notifying his superiors about it, and then to actually evacuate the hundreds of people a significant distance from the hotel. So really the 25 minute warning really doesn't wash. If they really wanted to avoid any casualties then why didn't they use a devise that wasn't timed? And if they choose to go down the timer route then they should have at least given a sizeable lead time between first warning and the bomb going off. 25 minutes is simply not enough time even if the warning was delivered directly to the man in charge of the hotel.
  6. That's the biggest baloney I've heard. These ships didn't suddenly appear out of no where! These ships have had media attention for weeks, it was always going to be a media event whichever way it turned out. Do you seriously think that arm smugglers would use these particular vessels to smuggle weapons on board? And do you really think that the Israeli military really thought they would transport weapons on this highly publicised flotilla!
  7. Hmm I suppose that's why the Israeli military were putting that option on the table, they obviously watch too many war films too.
  8. Is that a serious question? With the Israeli navy training and high tech equipment it would have been quite easy for them to disable the propeller without any interaction with those on board. I strongly suspect that they have been trained to do so already.
  9. They didn't have to board a moving ship at all. They could have just disabled the propeller.
  10. So did the drummer boy make the spaceship stage too? If he he did that might merit a few more votes but seeing as though he didn't I still can't grasp how he could be seen as really that especially talented. As for George Sampson, I don't think it did have the "Wow" factor, it was a well rehearsed routine that lots of young people, especially teenage girls really liked. Gene Kelly danced in the "rain" decades ago, and much of Sampson routine was copied from a Volkswagen advert!
  11. We are indeed. Just like we were to see McEnroe and Borg, and Sampras and Agassi battling it out. We talk of Murray and Del Potro and Djokovic as fantasticly talented players but the consistency of both Nadal and Federer is in another league altogether.
  12. I'd agree with Waddler's comment, Online Amor is more than a match for Comodo. I've used both and much prefer Online Amor.
  13. What an awe inspiring achievement from Rafa Nadal, not dropping a single set at this year's French open and winning 5 French opens in the last 6 years. Now Rafa has regained the No.1 spot from Federer, who'd have though that just 6 months ago when Rafa was really struggling with his game? And still only 24!
  14. From what I caught of the acts it seems to me that this was one of the weakest fields of all the Britain's Got Talent finals show. Remember Escala? They finished outside the top 3 but they would have wiped the floor against most of tonight's acts.
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