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  1. Are there any decent Korean restaurants in Sheffield? I know there is one on West One but are there any others knocking around?
  2. My dad is completely disabled and requires an electric wheelchair. He is on full DLA and now he is considering using this DLA on the motablility scheme to get a WAV. I would be the main driver on this car and would be responsible for his transportation. Are there any issues with me being the driver? and are there any good sources of information regarding cars and suppliers?
  3. I have been having difficulties arranging transport for my disabled dad. He has a particularly large electric wheelchair approx 700mm wide and he sits approx 130cm tall when in it. Taxi's we have had in the past dont seem to be able to accomodate for the height of the chair and Sheffield Community transport have let us down for several medical appointments so we are trying to find an alternative to get him to his appointments. If anybody has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated
  4. Has anyone been to Bierkeller for the food? Would love to try it but after having a drunken night in there last week not sure if it would be any good for food. Can anybody recommend it? Or warn me away?
  5. I could certainly use it on my allotment. Where abouts are you based?
  6. Does anybody know where I can get some cheap bales of straw from for my allotment? I asked at heeley farm but they told that it would be £15 per bale, which seems a bit steep to me.
  7. The parkwood link does not suprise me. I work at the NGH and often catch the same bus as some of the kids from parkwood, and some of them are absolute animals. I tried complaining to the school after witnessing one girl spit on a mother and her kid, I never got a reply from the school. Also seen kids launching glass bottles, pennies and other things at pedestrians from the top floor of the bus.
  8. I could take a load, not sure about every 2 weeks but happy to help out when needed
  9. I used to see Willie Thorne a lot in Norton when I was a young'un
  10. The 24 hour foreign supermarket on spital hill/burngreave(not tesco lol) definitely sell it in tubes like tomato puree. Not as nice as the stuff I had in morocco but not bad
  11. I am after some ex batts asap. The guys at hruk arent rehoming for another month, so I wondered if there was any local farms that sell ex batts direct. I have heard about one in brinsworth, but not sure if that is still there. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Fuscia's are quite easy to grow and provide lots of colour, Budlia is also a good choice IMO.
  13. I was offered mine last week, went to visit it last weekend. Met Jim who helps out around there (and knows just about everything about the allotments). I was amazed by the plot that we have been offered. Not too messy, and with some greenhouses and outbuildings already on there. Obviously we fell lucky as some of the sites need much more care and attention. Just waiting for the agreement letters, welcome pack and keys. Cant wait to get started on it.
  14. NEOLITHIC how was the allotment? I spoke to the office the other day and they are offering me one. Not sure when my viewing is yet. So I was just wondering what state you found yours in? and as you asked before did you need to take anything for your viewing?
  15. Does anybody know how to apply for an allotment at the site on Warminster Road (top), I have looked on the council website and it doesnt appear to be a council run site.
  16. All of my chilli plants are infested with these aphids. Could someone tell me what kind of aphid they are and any tips to get rid. I have recently tried worm castings, but they still persist
  17. I used Best a couple of years ago for a custody issue and they were fantastic. Not sure what has gone off since. Very suprised to hear that things have gone south for them
  18. Been reading up on how to deter whitefly on my house plants and one of the websites I looked on suggested worm castings. Ive looked for these in a couple of local garden centres but cant seem to find any, do they go by a different name or something? Does anybody know where I can get some from (without constructing my own wormery)? Or does anyone have any to sell?
  19. Get yourself to Ferndale at coal aston, they've got a half decent selection of carni's in my opinion
  20. Thanks for the info and the link SCIMSFAN & PRODEDB. I will give it a go in a while. Hopefully that will be the right file ---------- Post added 10-11-2014 at 21:21 ---------- SCIMSFAN that file worked a treat. Cheers buddy.
  21. Yeah I've tried that. Cant see any details on the board either. Ive contacted the Ebay shop that I bought it from hopefully they can help me out.
  22. I got a USB 3 pci express card and have installed it onto my motherboard. When I turn on my PC the device manager says there is a problem with a USB port. The Driver disk that came with the card has lots of drivers for other models so not sure which one to use. I am using Windows 7 and really cannot work this one out. This is the card that I bought http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261534621722?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  23. I am trying my hand at my 1st PC build. I purchased a case with a USB 3.0 port but the motherboard doesnt support it. Is there a PCI card that I can buy that which will allow me to plug the cable from the port into it aswell as maybe adding some extra ports at the rear?
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