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  1. m mum worked there in the war sh worked when the moor was bombed she went to work to find it all gone
  2. hi joan I went to c of e left in 1959 remember some the names the teacher you mean I think woud Edgerton and the twins were the searson boys jonny and and tommy one of them drowned in the canal cant remember wich one I also remember carol swain Sandra catlyn Christine Beaumont eieen martin many others
  3. hi I remember a val on there also Loraine who was like me a housekeeper I think the val I remember was tall with short hair an auxcillery
  4. I worked on ward 41 in the early 80 jim king was charge nurse then
  5. oh yes forgot about Christine think she lived on gaunt road after she got married
  6. i remember the brussell on ironside mick and david I think
  7. i left school in 1959 and my first job was at goodmans bakery as it was called then I remember mr bacon he was was in charge when I started there i used to help fill the orders for the the drivers always an happy place aprt from the baker who could swear like a trouper haha
  8. I remember a few names of lads using the the snooker and the manor cinema in the late fifties alan ray barrie someone with anickname I think was flash and Freddie
  9. they lived off shirland lane which I think would be Attercliffe
  10. pete and Michael Roberts worked there pete played in the footie team
  11. it was up the lane with the pork shop at the bottom or on Baltic road I worked there when I left school be 1959 I think
  12. I will have to get my son to go up in my loft where all my tree is has I cant remember but I know ome stanilands lived on Scotland street at some time
  13. hi retep yes I have a fanny piggot born 1874 also annie Piggott born 1864 William piggot born1838 married christiana slater john piggot 1868 Thomas 1878 annie piggot became a goddard married luther goddard hope this helps
  14. sorry I should have have said fannie and George alderson I did nt realize I had mossed the first letter off fannie was born 1864 annie goddard nee piggot was born 1864 sorry about the misprint annie was fannie mum
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