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  1. In sheffield... Sensible answers only please.
  2. basically just wondered what happens how do i approach the car - do i just get in?? what will i do? where will i go?? :help:
  3. has anybody used this and if so can you recommend her? http://s178475725.websitehome.co.uk/index.html Thanks
  4. Where can i get them, stupid question i know but looking all over the moor/town, couldnt find one! :help:
  5. Please, honest, serious answers only, what do they feel like? Got a filling tomorrow and dont really know wot to expect I absolutely hate the dentist! :confused:
  6. anything but cheese! bored of same sandwiches form local sarnie shop nr work!
  7. what are side roads/path like in town? east parade, campo lane, north church street, figtree lane, paradise street areas :suspect::suspect: :help::help:
  8. Bank Street? Queen Street? Paradise Street? Broad Lane? Scotland Street?
  9. Its cos im a bad astmatic, no other reason
  10. i am going to charles cliffords and i am gettin sedated via happy air but im absolutely brickin it they no longer put u 2 sleep
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