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  1. These young coppers are as bad as the boy racers, They enjoy the chase. Whilst others would rather sit at this and other bus gates
  2. The Police chased these lads through the back of the new centre. Over the new school building where they had been ripping out the scrap etc. They had an helicopter up. Three of the lads ran over the main road into Busk Park, The other down my garden and down Shirecliffe Road. They were not caught. At the same time there was a Police Car parked up on the bus gate at longley Av West. No I did not give any info to the Police. Had they burgled a house or hurt anyone then I would have taken the risk. But to take a risk for some stolen fittings, Knowing the Police will get these lads. They know who is responsible but have a hard time getting them. I will not risk having my windows put through or walking down the road to be attacked. Worse still my family being hurt they do not live with me but would still be hurt as a result. I would always act if anyone had been hurt,
  3. I live right nexr door to the new centre. The Sure Start Nursery. Every day I hear the kids yelling and shouting, Screaming for mums etc etc. O.K it is not that upsets me. It is the so called carers. They shout " EH David Dtop that now etc etc. I will tell mummy etc etc, " This is shouted at the kids, No wonder the kiddies think it natural to yell and shout. Yes the new schoool building was broken into. One of the neighbourhoods lovable rogues. They ran down the side of the fencing and one ran over my garden, Poor lad must have cut himself, Hope he did a good job of it, I found some glass close to the fence with some blood on it. O.K. Money wasted bad planning, New Centre, Rarely used for the community. New School. Costing more than they thought. Now they are knocking down the Busk Meadows School. Why couldn't they have used the Busk Meadows School as the Community Centre and save the cost of the new centre. This was a good building, Well cared for and good looking, The grounds could have been used as a playground and saved all the thousands spent on the old playground now vandalised. The school would also have been big enough to house a permanent Youth Centre. The new Community Centre is ugly and does not fit in as a community centre at all. Also whilst we are on about saving energy, The lights are never out in the centre even when it is not in use.
  4. Here in Shirecliffe we have a Bus Gate, Very few buses use it. It is also in a stupid place for a bus gate. The buses that do use it till tea time do not use it on a Sunday. There is no danger to anyone even if cars were to go through the gate. However three Sunday's ago the Police took it in turns to watch this Bus Gate and stopped many drivers. This would be O.K in itself but just yards away from the Bus gate a house reported a tresspasser on the Garden stealing garden ornaments. The Police responded by giving an incident number. They never called, When the occupier rang them two days later they were told the WPC dealing with the incident was on holiday. The Police Officer investigating ? this offence turned up a week later to collect the CCTV of the offence. Nothing heard since, The Police still guard the bus gate even after the accident on Shirecliffe Road Sunday evening. This gate could not even be used as a diversion route to Herries Road. Some tried and were booked
  5. Now the Lib Dems have control of the books I feel that we are going to learn quite a lot in the weeks to come.
  6. I cannot understand why they have demolished the old and very good building that was Busk Meadows school. It would have made an ideal Community Centre. It could have contained it's full time youth club / Drop in center such as we created on Kelvin Flats, Kelvin Centre cost us very little to run. It was staffed by volunteers that were dedicated to helping everyone not just the youth, But anyone could have a place they could " chill " out. Today the Council want to pay massive wages to ( friends ? supporters ? ). Whatever, To do jobs that we as volunteers enjoyed doing. But, The last council did not like this, Volunteers no way...This did people out of a job. I just wander if the money the council get for the land the school was built upon will be worth it to them. Busk Meadows School and grounds would have been an assett and a safe haven for the kids in the community. As well as adults. As you say, Money is being wasted all over Sheffield. Sheffield is becoming a laughing stock. This Council should hang their heads in shame Lib Dems and the rest of the lunatics that were made redundant from " Spittin Image ".
  7. I would not, Would you, I value my safety despite having paid taxes for these idle layabouts for many years. I will start another post I think on this subject save disturbing this post
  8. REPORTING Definitely not. Very dangerous practice. The Government could do much to stop this fraud. To the subject. I have a nephew that has worked since leaving school at 16. He is now 23. He has been on the waiting list for a flat for 6 years. No chance at all. He has even been told that if he were to go to prison for a short time he would qualify for help on release, If he were to pack in his job and sign on the dole, He would qualify for help. If he left the family home where life can be uncomfortable because of overcrowding and a family member ill. He would be able to sign homeless and go to an hostel for a few weeks. Maybe then he would be given a flat. If he was a drug addct or a person at risk or pregnant ( LOL LOL ) he would qualify, When will this Council realize the system is wrong. The bidding system they have is ludicrous, Yet they claim it is a success. Maybe the Lib Dems may try to unravel the mess we are in, But I doubt it now they are in power, They no longer need the votes till next time.
  9. I know quite a lot of people that are not only claiming incapacity Benefits, But also the full amount of DLA. Many that are on lower and middle class DLA. Nothing wrong with them at all. Some of these are between 17 and 23 years old and have been on benefits since leaving school. This says that the system is wrong. Many get this benefit claiming they suffer ADHD from childhood. Many for depression. Even Alcoholics and drug addicts can claim. There are many that claim for depression. I could go on and on with this the biggest scam in the country. The whole benefits system needs to be looked into. When I see a young man running around in a car provided by the Mobility Allowance's I get angry knowing he is a fit man. Also in many cases working on the fiddle. Playing football on the weekends. I see these skivers excuses for civilised people. The kids they breed will end up the same. Then people that are honest and need help are the one's that suffer. This could be a very long and very emotive subject. So I will have a rest LOL
  10. Shirecliffe. Thousands spent on a Park. Money wasted, Couple of mill spent on a new Community Centre, Money wasted Thousands spent on old Community Centre attached to new one, Again Money wasted. You may ask why I say money wasted. O.K. We are close to the opening of the new school. A school that has cost millions. We have built the new centre when the old school, Busk Meadows, Would have made a better and larger centre. The old school grounds would have made a better and larger play area, We could have saved money spent on the park. Now the park is damaged and vandalised. The new Community Centrer rarely used except for the dumping of kids at the nursery. The good looking and roomy Busk Meadows School is in the process of being demolished. Now why demolish this school when the estate is in urgent need of a Youth Club. A little replanning instead of rushing to spend money would have benefitted the community. Why are this council so eager to demolish. I thought Labour were bad enough. All that Shirecliffe needed could have been located in Busk Meadows Scool and the grounds of the school. I have a suspicion that this is all down to sales of land. It is time we voted for some sense in the next elections. We have youths hanging around our streets here on Shirecliffe being dragged into bad company. Shirecliffe could have been the best estate in Sheffield had the funds been managed better. Had the committee's had the back bone to fight the council and demand they be heard not ignored. Matter of fact....Where are the committee's on Shirecliffe. I have been asked this many times. Sheffield is wasting millions of pounds and at the same time going deaf to our young. All the work that has been done in Shirecliffe. Not once has anyone mentioned the Youth of the area. Then we blame the youth for the crime on the estates. It is time the youth had a real say in their future's. And in the estates where they live.
  11. Sad to say . Tenants and also Residenst Associations are their own enemies, Many times they shoot themselves in the foot because those that are running them do a bad job. All the committee are interested in are their own ego's. Many on our estates never know when there will be a meeting or even how to contact them. Many that go to the committee with problems find that by the end of the day everyone seems to know about them. Confidentiality is a problem. But again. I say many are on these committee's just to fullfil their own ego's and maybe think that this will give them favour with the housing authority. Then the few that know about the meetings find that they are shouted down when they bring matters up. Many of those on my estate are like myself now. They do not care. My front gate is my estate, Beyond that is another world. Whilst I must admit there are some good associations. When we were on Kelvin we had a good association, But in that case it was the Housing Management that tried to break us up. The people of Kelvin were conned at great expence. Then we come to the demolitions on Shirecliffe and the false information given to the tenants and residents. This made people turn up at meetings. This turned neighbour against neighbour. A certain Coun managed to build up his army ready to take over the then proposed FORUM. People we never saw or even heard of. People that had never done anything to improve this estate. Then we had the most silly proposals as to what we would do with the grants we were promised. I like many others have no faith in todays TARA's or even FORUMS. I say let the Council and Housing get on with the job. They will do what they want to do in any case. They are adept at putting their case for change whether we want the changes or not. Propoganda is now the name of the game. T.A's that meet once a month for tea and biscuits or pie and peas. Talk about who has upset them and petty little agenda's. Meetings that are not run in accordance with the constitution. Reps that cannot attend an area meeting. Committee's that speak for people on the estate. But only for the minority. Not for the silent Majority. I speak through the forums because this way we can be heard better. This thread has had a good response and there has been no abuse no-ones windows broken LOL LOl
  12. Again Incubus I have to agree. I have come to that conclusion also, I thought that when we tried to create a better association back in 2000 that I had friends then. But as the pressure began to pile on, These so called friends seemed to back off. I was warned not to attend any meetings at that time " Or else ". I did, That same night my window came through. I had to use a wheelchair sometimes, That was found on the park smashed. Many nasty things happened then. But my so called frineds did not want to know. They also backed away from the committee not to bother again. I have not bothered since except to refuse to keep my mouth closed. During this time there was certain Lib Dem Coun going through the mill, You may know who they are. I recall most of the deeds done, The knives were out just as they were for another friend of mine Francis Butler. Politics has become a very dangerous game. At this time I do not have an axe to grind where Brown is concerned, But I think the same scenario as Tony Blair is about to happen. Daggers out by the few who are after power. Like a friend of mine once said. Parliament is full of wannabe dictators. Councils such as Sheffield already have many dictators. Many of these are not even elected. The people of Sheffield have stopped thinking for themselves on many issues, Many do not want to know what is taking place beyond their front doors. I Love Sheffield, I love my own estate and want to be loyal but, I am afraid of what is now taking place. Corruption has become a routine so much so that those that are corrupted do not know it. Even the Star is afraid and is very careful what it prints now. Press is no longer as free as it once was.
  13. As a Conservative. I would support any Lib Dem Councillor who would come out and shout. There are many papers and files in the Town Hall that the public will never see. What happened in this den of eniquity can only be imagined. I saw many meetings, They reminded me of " Spittin Image ". Self centered egostists greedy for power. What is it about committee's and the quest for power, The quest to lead. Is everyone after a Gong or recognition for services rendered. I can only give credit for one person where I live, He has worked hard and done his best, He has been stabbed in the back and survived. He knows there are problems. Yet he stands alone. I am proud to be a friend of his, Cyril Olsen. He did get an MBE. Even though I am against honours he deserved this recognition. People should consider it a duty to make their estates and their homes decent places to live. We should all be glad to attend meetings for this purpose . Not to get a position on Committee's hoping this will solve their own personal problems. So come on Lib Coun. Lets have a bit of scandal, There is plenty to keep us occupied now you have possession of the " Secret Files ". The Memos, The e-mails.... I think Labour may be getting worried.
  14. Have you never asked yourself why people never turn up at meetings. The meetings and committee members are not as democratic as one would think. The fight for Chair can be viscious. Little people, After what they think is power. As said previous. Try and vote against a motion, You do so at a risk. I myself have served on many committee's. My doors have been open for advice and help all hours of the day and night. I have done this since 1978 since leaving the forces When I tried to get an active committee on this estate in 1997 I and others came under attack from others that wanted to take over the inactive committee. Then along came the FORUM in 2000. I have never seen such a battle for power as we had. One man became very ill and died as a result. I was attacked, My home was attacked. This was because we would not vote for a motion we thought was wrong and needed further advice. I was since proven correct with the dissappearance of a local busnessman. It is not an easy job running a committee. People thought it was. Now we hear very little from the TARA, Nothing at all from the FORUM, Now the FORUM is in turmoil. The new Community Center is not as good as expected. Promises made to our youth for the last twelve years have been broken time and time again. When local people are asked about the TARA or FORUM, They do not know what you are talking about. Many bad decisions have been made that have cost money. The refurbished park is a disgrace. We should be part of the decision making I agree. We should have a rep on the area housing as we used to have. But the running of the estate and all decisions should be left to those that know best. To shove the responsibility onto local people who ( Forgive the PUN ) are ignorant of local planning and other local political issues is wrong. To connect committee's to a Political Party is wrong. I forgot my Political Life when sitting on a committee. Though I am a Conservative that never came into what I thought about my community. I wanted to do the best I could as a member of a community not a political party. But this does not work with the present set up. It is run entirely by and for certain local Councillors. The committee's are the puppets on a string............They just sit around then have meetings with pie and pea suppers. Meeting even General Meetings that are unconstitutional maybe illegal. Time must be given and notices sent to all when a general meeting is due. Also there must be a quorum. Very rare have a we had a quorum. People have lost interest, Too many fights arguements as a result. It seems that some TARA's and FORUM's have become mafia's.
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