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  1. LibertyBell

    Is Wikileaks/Assange case,a Media smokescreen ?

    "Julian Assange and his Wikileaks website are the main subject of a mainstream media blitz right now and it should be clear to everyone at this point that mainstream media only covers nonsense and side-shows, while keeping totally mum about things that should be headlines. So, simple logic would say that Wikileaks is being used by the Hidden Hand to accomplish something(s), in an effort to advance or protect some part of their agenda." from OP Do the people that write this actually think about what they are writing? This is palpably complete bull. Simple logic? WTF?
  2. LibertyBell

    Wrapping paper sellers.

    They spend the rest of the year p i55 ing their money away with the gritter drivers
  3. LibertyBell

    Is there an afterlife?

    Nope There is nothing. What would be the point?
  4. Yellow pages. Many will offer up to 30 minutes free advice.
  5. I know. I've read the eye witness reports of so many who were not in any way a risk or trouble makers and who were assaulted by police or charged by horses. Children / elderly people were kettled for 7 hours with no food or water or shelter. The police tactics were provocative and calculated. ~Some front line officers appeared to disapprove of the orders they had to follow and knew the effect the tactics would have on the crowd.
  6. LibertyBell

    PETROL: All time high

    Why women are allowed a licence at all is beyond me.
  7. The police are the violent thugs. Smashing people over the head hard enough to cause brain damage...and with total impunity.
  8. LibertyBell

    Bus drivers and giving change

    Oh good its hours since we had a pointless whinge thread. Well done you
  9. LibertyBell

    Prince Charles' car attacked

    Why didn't the students drag the sponging parasites out of the car and string them up?
  10. LibertyBell

    Moving from Sheffield to Manchester??

    There certainly are some lovely areas around there...Mellor, Marple and the surroundings for example.
  11. LibertyBell

    Moving from Sheffield to Manchester??

    Stockport's not in Manchester is it?
  12. ...and let's sacrifice the life of more young men and women for absolutely no reason.We have lost the war and it's time to acknowledge that, cut our losses and get out. The war in Afghanistan was never winnable and the lives already lost have been in vain.
  13. LibertyBell

    Advice regarding pushy/aggressive door calling

    Because not everyone is like you I suppose. Hard selling techniques have been developed and honed to get maximum effect by playing on people's good nature and lack of assertiveness. They will give a message that makes it sound like you can't lose and in fact if you just agree to buy, they will leave you alone and you will be better off. etc.
  14. LibertyBell

    Death Penalty: Would it work?

    caffeine, alcohol, anti-depressants?

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