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  1. I always call them crossbreeds if you ask me some people are making some right money from gullible people by making up these names ! I have nothing at all against crossbreeds and in all fairness they are probably a lot healthier than a lot of so called pedigree dogs but come on selling them for £500 plus is just robbing people,
  2. the trouble on this thread is you are not reporting serious crime when someone reported a car with NO TAX DISC at worked 2 police cars turned up in 10 mins yet when the fire upriser was blocked by a car they did not turn up at all so if you need the police fast take the car tax disc out of your neighbours car phone the police and they will be round in 10 mins
  3. I have the number of a good medium if you are interested. P M me and I will give you his mobile number. He is the real thing as he told me he had picked up a friend of mine who had died years ago who he couldn't possibly of known about. He doesn't advertise he goes on recomendations.
  4. yes remember chick as i lived at his brothers house when i first moved to sheffield in 89 the last time i saw him was at the wap reunion around september ish shame will miss him even though half the time i could not understand what he was saying coz of his strong scots acsent R I P CHICK
  5. phoned 2 new car sellers in sheffield to get parmed off with the 10 year old scrap allowace told to put my car on ebay buy one garage so this scheme is not working any body else found this problem
  6. i have seen them a few times before and i must say that was there best show ever for me:thumbsup: SAD BUT TRUE
  7. yes not long less than 24 hours i will be there too:thumbsup::headbang: the new CD as bob rock did not produce this album this cd is raw and heavy just like the old stuff justice for all and master of puppets rick rubin has done a great job:thumbsup:
  8. god local radio in my mind is rubbish get a DAB RADIO planet rock:hihi: what more do you want
  9. i looked 4 somewhere to report the light i saw but no websites to report it to did you get a photo of it and which way it was traveling eg east - west heres my U F O http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=192789&highlight=orange+lights
  10. I agree with you why would any one want to carry on encouraging the disgusting way the Spanish treat bulls is beyond me:suspect: I suppose everyone thinking of going thinks the bulls enjoy this:loopy:
  11. try Iceland not joking my fave place up to now even my 7 year old at the time it how many kids can say they have eat in the most expensive Mcdonalds in the world over £8 for a bigmac chips and coke in 2003 what you say about Tunisia / north Africa is true beggars get u down but that's how they live sunny beach is not for people who don't like to see how the real world is and think it must be like Spain [home from home] if you want a home from home holiday benidorm is cheap lots 4 the kids to do big water park now open and lots of all you can eat 4 10 euro places well 4 me it has a rock bar as well:headbang: its cheaper than going to north Yorkshire 4 a week and that's the truth it is so cheap out of the main season if you can go that time your holiday is a click away !!!!!!! http://www.indigoguide.com/spain/benidorm.htm water park link http://www.terramiticapark.com/es/
  12. No flights to bougas this time of the year people get shot in sheffield but we still live here
  13. I find it better than Spain and cheaper but the flights are still a lot of money to get there as 4 the food like any place some places you eat are better than others and having been 3 times you get to know the best as 4 beggars only the odd few most have legs or arms missing no welfare state so they get no incapacity or dole money so they beg Nessabar could be pleasant, if it wasn't full of Bulgarians, sorry u are in Bulgaria not spain
  14. this is mine If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me LED ZEP [THANK YOU ] HEARS THE LINK http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=17-hu1E1bYg
  15. yes lyndix thank god they like it or your whole weekend would be hell
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