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  1. I have an Acer laptop and it is a AMD Turion 64 2.0Ghz Processor. It has 1024MB DDR2 Memory 60GB Hard Drive 14.1" Cristalbrite Screen DVD Super Multi Double Layer Drive Wifi Upto 256MB ATI Radeon Express 1100 Graphics Windows XP Professional In Mint Condition. Whats this worth, an ideas?
  2. But I am being lied to time and time again by supervisors and staff as I have been told several times that I should be getting a speed of at least 5.5mb and I have some conversations on record.
  3. Fair point but I have been told by several members of AOL staff and by a supervisor that I would get speeds of at least 5.5mb. My router is plugged into the main socket so i don't think that's the problem. When I upgraded to platinum it meant signing up for another 12 months which obviously is not good now I am having this problem.
  4. Yes but what can i do about this situation? surely if I am being told lie after lie and if they are not providing the speeds that I should be getting then they could be breaking the contract?
  5. I was on aol silver broadband for almost a year, nearly 5 weeks ago i upgraded to platinum which is upto 8mb broadband. I have been doing speed tests everyday for the past 4 weeks or so and i am only getting speeds of between 512kb and 2mb, for the past few days i am only getting a speed of 600kb which i think is a total joke. I have spent hours and hours on the phone and on aol live help, I've had a technician ring me and go through loads of things but that was a waste of time, I spoke to a supervisor around a week ago and was told that my speed would increase dramatically within 48 hours that never happened. Also i keep being told that my line is still being stabilized which obviously is a load of ******** and i keep being fed the same lies. I have wrote to their vice president of member services twice but i have had no reply. I sent them another letter today and warned them that if they did not reply or sort out my service then I would consult my solicitor and get some legal advice as I am not paying £29.99 per month for speeds of between 512kb and 2mb. What can I do about this?
  6. I am considering selling my xbox 360, it is 2 months old and it is boxed, i have the reciept for it, it has 2 wireless controllers, and i have the following games with it:- fifa 07, pro evolution soccer 6, king kong, table tennis and dead or alive extreme 2, all in mint condition. I'm just wondering what it is worth?
  7. I spoke to an AOL supervisor and they said i will get between 5.5mb and 6.5mb within the next 48 hours.
  8. I've just spoken to them and they said the speed will increase to between 5.5MB and 6.5MB within 48 hours, they have to provide you with 8mb broadband as stated in their adverts otherwise i will not hesitate to consult my solicitor as they would be breaking the contract, i've changed my DSL filters, also AOL said it was normal to get 2mb but it would increae to upto 8MB within 10 days but almost 28 days later, it's still on 2mb.
  9. I've been with AOL for a while and i've never had any problems with them, however i am only getting speeds of between 2mb and 3mb, AOL told me that i should get at least 6mb on my line. I was originally on aol silver and getting 1mb speeds. However i upgraded to platinum almost 4 weeks ago, i was told that it would take upto 10 days for the line to be stabilised and for the speeds to increase. I keep doing regular speed checks and it says my download speed is 2245kbps. I've been going on AOL live help most days and speaking to different people and i get told the same lies like "It's BT's fault" or "We are still stabilising your line" or "It takes such and such many days for your speeds to increase". When on AOL live help i've requested to speak to a supervisor but i've been refused several times. Also i've sent off a writen formal complaint but i haven't heard anything back. What should i do about this???
  10. Anyone know where i can download some free photo editing software? Thanks.
  11. Currently i'm getting:- Download Speed 3310kbps Upload 361kbps And i'm supposed to be on 8mb broadband, although i only upgraded just under 2 weeks ago, although aol keep telling me that i will have to wait around another week to get better speeds, apparently next week i will get between 5.5mb and 7mb.
  12. I think you're having a laugh mate as i've looked on their website.
  13. I've been looking on the argos website, i cant find it on there.
  14. What is the best thing to clean a laptop keyboard, alot of bits have gone under my keys and some of my keys are abit jammed, i was just wondering what is the best thing to use.
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