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  1. Yes, my Grandparents moved in with my aunt for the last year or two of their lives. When they left Stannington Rd, they retired and moved to Sutton on sea, Lincolnshire. Then lived in Brittany for a number of years before coming back to Sheffield.
  2. It seems I’m a few years late to this party.. but so lovely to see this thread. This was my Grandparents home for years. Rudolph Krzok.. known as “Ralph” was my grandfather. He owned Matlock motors off Loxley Road. As mentioned, my aunt was the Dentist at Forge farm dental practice for many years but is retired now. I was very sad to see my grandparents sell that beautiful house, but I have many, many amazing memories of it.
  3. Many thanks for highlighting this... It's definitely been lost hasn't it? Lol! Luckily, I've managed to contact someone whose child also goes to Bradfield from stannington and they've said the bus stop opposite Howcrofts. Thanks again. Hugely appreciated... :-) ---------- Post added 03-06-2017 at 10:06 ---------- Thank you.. I had the timetables just not where the bus stops on stannington road. Sometimes it's selected stops only so didn't want my son stood in the wrong place and miss it. It would be so typical of him, bless him. :-)
  4. Hoping someone can help.. My son is going to be staying with his father for a week up Stannington during term time. Despite my efforts of emailing and calling the company that runs the service, I still can't find answers I need. Does anyone know where on stannington road the bus stops to take my son to school? He will be close to Howcrofts shop... Is there a pick up there? Any info greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance..
  5. Hi...pm sent. I don't think it is...but will need a better pic please. X
  6. Oh fantastic! I shall pm you. Thanks ---------- Post added 03-07-2014 at 23:09 ---------- Hmmm...it would seem he definitely hasnt been neutered. All seems intact. Lol! x
  7. That's a great idea. Thanks. I've no idea if he is neutered. I've only ever had female cats so don't know what I'm looking at. Haha! He did something very strange the other day when I fed him. He ate only half, sprayed on it and covered it with grass! That's the first time I've seen him spray and it worried me that he would spray in my house but he hasnt luckily! If we don't locate his owner then we will definitely make sure he is neutered. It's one of the conditions if he wants to come with us. Lol! I can't be doing with a smelly house! :-/
  8. Yes, we will keep him. My little old lady cat passed away last year so there's nothing stopping us taking him in. He's a lovely cat. Once he had relaxed with us and got trust, he's extremely loving. We will miss him if it turns out he does have a home, but I wouldn't want anyone taking my cat if the shoe was on the other foot... We haven't given him a name but tempted to call him "Roger" as we have seen quite a few pregnant cats about lately! Haha! And we see him in the garden chilling out with them. :-)
  9. No, but that's on our to do list if we don't hear anything off here within the next few days. We don't want to cause him distress by bundling him up in a box if possible. He's extremely nervous at the slightest thing, bless him...
  10. If anyone knows of someone with a black and white cat near the middlewood tram terminus area, then please get in touch. We think it's a tom cat. He seems to have adopted us and keeps hanging around more and more each day. (He's been coming a few months now) He could be a stray with the amount of time he is spending sleeping on our doorstep. Sometimes up to 6 hours in one visit...then goes for an hour maximum then returns. We have started to feed him once a day so we know he is getting at least one good meal per day. We are due to move house in the next few months and don't want to leave him to starve if he is homeless. We do hope he already has a loving home but if not we will give him one. Please pm me if you know of anyone who this cat may belong to. Under a vets advice we will be asking for photo evidence of if this is your cat due to people saying cats are theirs and claiming them then going on to do nasty things to them. Many thanks
  11. Ah..thanks for the info. We decided against it for the same reasons you have mentioned. Luckily we have been fortunate to get a fabulous house elsewhere which is no comparison. Exciting times. . :-) Thanks again
  12. Ahh right. I have seen some for sale previously that say cash sale only, but none of the houses on fox glen ever have? The first two courses are definitely brick but then its rendered... I agree about mortgage lenders. They do usually steer clear.
  13. Hi... Does anyone know if the older of the council houses on fox glen road in Deepcar are brick built with pebble dash render or if they are concrete constructed (prefab)? Thanks in advance x
  14. Has anyone had any experiences of recro beauty on ecclesall road? I have heard they offer IPL hair removal and would like to know if it works or not? Thanks
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