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  1. This balloon seems to be getting around as I first saw it when I was down in Birmingham about 4 weeks ago.
  2. Why not go back to Australia? I hear the weather is better over there, the houses are easier to come by AND depending on your background, you might be able to get a well paid job :D:D. If you don't want to go back to Australia by yourself, I'll be gladly to come along with you :D:D
  3. Does the same principal work if the mother has the kids?
  4. Yes AlexAtkin, I got rid of everything. My last phone bill was just under £30. That was for line rental and broadband service. There were no call charges on there as I haven't made any. I can't justify paying that amount of money when I tend to use broadband for approx 4 hours. Besides I tend to use my laptop away from home. ---------- Post added 03-04-2013 at 19:32 ---------- I have just seen this advertised on the T-mobile website, what are people's views and opinion? http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/mobile-broadband/wireless-pointer/
  5. Thanks for the replies. Even though I am short of money, my work hours just don't justify me paying BT £35 each month for internet that I may only use for 4 hours at the most. So on Saturday I cancelled my internet and phone line. I have it for the next 4 weeks. Just enough time for me to find an alternative option to landline ISP's.
  6. :help: As I have just cancelled my internet service with BT in order to save some money. I am in need of find something else to give me more or less the same type of internet connections and something where I can watch TV on demand. I have been tethering my mobile phone but it is unable to give me the kind of speed that I need to watch programmes on demand. I currently use a laptop that has Windows 8. Can someone advise me about dongles or T-mobile's pay monthly broadband, or just any advice on getting the internet on my laptop. Thanks for your help
  7. It sounds like this was fitted by the council after your grandad had an assessment. The stair lift would have been paid through the councils Equipment & Adaptations department. The stairlift IS the council's property, therefore, THEY are the ones that have to service it AND repair it. Go straight back to the council and speak to someone in the Equipment and Adaptations department. Let us know how you get on
  8. DAM!! I missed it. Is it being repeated. I loved watching Series 1
  9. Most of the social housing landlords get their worktops from Howdens. Unfortunatly they don't sell these direct to the public. However, if you know someone that has an account with them, they should be able to get it for you
  10. Out of curiosity, did you have a relationship with this person? If so, then this is a form of domestic abuse and the courts/police should not be taking any kind of threats lightly.
  11. When this was first reported, I checked out the Beko website to see if my fridge/freezer (which is over 10 years old) was one of those that were faulty. It was. I contacted Beko who sent out one of their engineers. He fitted a new motor and said that my firdge freezer should last another 10 years.
  12. :D I know there is a lot of us on here that are intelligent but NOT that intelligent to see through our computers, down the broadband lines and into your computer :D . Nice to hear that you want to spend time with your little brother (regardless of his mental ability). Just ask him what he wants to do. What are HIS interest?
  13. I got my computer back from the police after they had it for 2 years. The sad and annoying thing is that I can no longer access my own photographs. I contacted the arresting police officer and she said that she will get back to me about it. That was 3 months ago!!! Everytime I ring her, I get the same reply or I have to leave a message on her answerphone.
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