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  1. http://Just after the war we boys used to go camping around Stoney Middleton & Eyam.
  2. I lived on Masters Rd Parson Cross & remember a neighbour who had a TV in 48/49, the reception was aweful, we soon gave up trying to watch anything.
  3. When I lived on Hatfield House Rd in the early 40's just opposite the cricket ground lived a chimney sweep called Webb, had a daughter Rita? He was ex Royal Navy, a really odd sort of man (in a good way). We kept rabbits & hens during the war , my Dad was too squemish to do any slaughtering, he got Mr Webb to do it.
  4. I was at the Tech leaving in 1949, I suspect your Dad joined the RN as an Artificer Apprentice, they sat the RN entrance exam in their second year at the Tech, 16 being the maximum age for entrants. I stayed at the Tech for the 3 full years , leaving when I was 16 yrs 9 mths, joined the RN as a Stoker, leaving in 1972 as an Engineer Lieutenant. I have photos of the school sports, football teams from 49. I got them from the OB's association, try them you may be lucky.
  5. I was born in 1932, Sheffield was a dirty hole until the clean air act. I could however at the age of 14 buy a beautiful sheath knife, essential for camping in the country side around Sheffield.
  6. At our Speech Day the choir sang a song called "Simon the cellarer" usually with the "Kerry dances" . Are these functions still being held?
  7. I have tickets for a match between the Blades & Leicester in Nov 72, the entry price £1 !
  8. I sang in the Cathedral choir in 43/44.
  9. I used to practice different styles of hand writing & when they were available different coloured inks.
  10. I was born in 1932, during the Blitz we lived on Hatfieldhouse Lane. On one night we had an incendiary bomb land on the garden privet hedge which caught fire, Dad & the neighbours put it out.
  11. When I was very young I played on the foundations of the Lane Top WMC. before the new club was built an old cottage was used.
  12. I remember going to the Paragon before & at the beginning of the war. We used to use pea shooters & peanuts, it was also good fun to shoot from catapults rolled up sweet wrappers into the beam of the projected film. ---------- Post added 26-08-2018 at 13:52 ---------- On BELL house RD. there was a toy shop which sold Chemist sets, I would stand gazing at these delights with longing.
  13. When I was a baby in 1932, we moved into a brand new house on Shirehall Rd, Shiregreen.
  14. Used to go to the Paragon on Saturday mornings.
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