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  1. The Jewish cemetery I remember was on the right side of the road, down from Lane Top going towards Ecclesfield. We youngsters, in the 40's, used to say, irreverently, that Jews were buried standing up!
  2. I lived on Hatfield House Lane until 1947 when I was 15. Concord Park & Wooley Woods were our second homes. The old men on the bowling greens would show us how to bowl & all about the ball's inbuilt bias. At the Wooley Wood end of the park there used to be a little stream. Concord Park, heaven for little boys.
  3. In earlier times, barber shops all stank of burning hair. After cutting the hair they used to singe it with a lit wax taper. Never understood why they did that.
  4. I remember that cemetery from when I lived on Parson Cross in the late 40's & early 50's. We kids irreverently used to say they buried Jews standing up! Shocking.
  5. When I was at the Central Tech. just behind the school were some old tenements. On the ground floor there were stable doors , where you could look into a small workshop. In the workshop there would be one man grinding knife blades. This was in 1946.
  6. http://When is the next Presidents dinner & where
  7. Tony was my younger brother, he died more than 20 years ago.
  8. I served during the Korean War, I am 87, I was in the Royal Navy in the Unicorn an aircraft carrier. I know the Army had a really bad time, the UK forces were still equipped as for WW2. The fighter aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm were the carrier versions of the Spitfire & Hurricane. The summers in Korea were very hot & the winters bitterly cold.
  9. I remember as youngsters, before the war, how much we looked forward to the Sheffield Lane Top working man's club children's annual outing. We went by coach usually to Bridlington, Cleethorpes & occasionally Blackpool. We were given pop & sandwiches to eat & a very generous half crown to spend.
  10. http://Just after the war we boys used to go camping around Stoney Middleton & Eyam.
  11. I lived on Masters Rd Parson Cross & remember a neighbour who had a TV in 48/49, the reception was aweful, we soon gave up trying to watch anything.
  12. When I lived on Hatfield House Rd in the early 40's just opposite the cricket ground lived a chimney sweep called Webb, had a daughter Rita? He was ex Royal Navy, a really odd sort of man (in a good way). We kept rabbits & hens during the war , my Dad was too squemish to do any slaughtering, he got Mr Webb to do it.
  13. I was at the Tech leaving in 1949, I suspect your Dad joined the RN as an Artificer Apprentice, they sat the RN entrance exam in their second year at the Tech, 16 being the maximum age for entrants. I stayed at the Tech for the 3 full years , leaving when I was 16 yrs 9 mths, joined the RN as a Stoker, leaving in 1972 as an Engineer Lieutenant. I have photos of the school sports, football teams from 49. I got them from the OB's association, try them you may be lucky.
  14. I was born in 1932, Sheffield was a dirty hole until the clean air act. I could however at the age of 14 buy a beautiful sheath knife, essential for camping in the country side around Sheffield.
  15. At our Speech Day the choir sang a song called "Simon the cellarer" usually with the "Kerry dances" . Are these functions still being held?
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