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  1. Sneaky covert 5am operation by Amey. Who'd have thought it.
  2. It'll be interesting to see which players Wilder can actually attract. I thought Adkins, with his pedigree (of sorts) & success should have been able to attract better players than he actually brought in. Or was it that he could....but finances didn't allow? I'm not sure a combination of Wilder + McCabe + Division One + Finances + perceived ambition of the club is a glittering attraction for luring good and ambitious players. I hope it is...but I'm not so sure
  3. Good luck to him. Fair play to McCabe for moving fast and giving the guy the whole summer to start putting his stamp on things. Still not sure if Adkins should have been given more time, but thats gone now. It'll be nice to have someone in the seat with some genuine passion for the club again. Like I said....good luck to him. He'll probably need it.
  4. I agree. Has he been given enough time? Maybe not. Has he been given enough backing (particularly financial)? Probably not. Could he have improved things next year? Maybe. Can Wilder do a better job? Depends on a lot of the above. Groundhog Day.
  5. The revolving door sparks back into life. Chris Wilder?
  6. http://www.southlondon-today.co.uk/article.cfm?id=117830
  7. Apart from the obvious (rich) ones in the Premiership, which clubs aren't selling clubs these days? Its sad, and its not necessarily right, but its business. And ultimately, thats what we're supporting. A business. And I'm not saying that the Beattie sale IS a good business decison, because I'm not involved enough in that business to know whether it is or it isn't.
  8. How can United be greedy only asking for £2.5m?
  9. Almost as clever as selling Deane & Fjortoft in the same tea-break.
  10. Heres a good one. Daily Telegraph: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/leagues/premierleague/westham/4178103/How-will-Sheffield-United-benefit-from-further-West-Ham-punishment.html "The authorities' pursuit of West Ham is now pointless, because no points can be deducted. Tevez has moved on. The 2006-07 season cannot be re-staged (although it would make a blockbuster film with a cast of extraordinary characters). All that remains is for West Ham to pay compensation to the real victims, Sheffield United, who were relegated because of Tevez's thoroughbred performances in claret and blue over the final furlongs of that contentious race. So Thursday's announcement of a joint investigation by the FA and the Premier League into West Ham is, in Baldrick's parlance, a dead herring. It's all about procedure but not all good governance makes good sense. The only paperwork truly required is that compensation cheque sent to Bramall Lane."
  11. Blimey. Thats an interesting one. Whats next? Pressman are manning the pie stalls & Hirst on the beer pumps? In all seriousness though (and speaking as a United fan), the Wilkinson appointment looks like a very good move - in terms of business, investor attraction, motivation, and simple feel-good factor. Credit where credits due.
  12. Roger Nielsen will score before Wednesday get taken over
  13. She used to go to my school, Karen did.
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