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  1. you can quite easily stuff em up!!! i have on several occaisions but always managed to recover from it!!!! it runs perfect with free apps too
  2. http://www.360-hq.com/xbox-tutorials-61.html it sounds a long job but after reading through its no that tricky!! depends on your abilities
  3. http://shop.ebay.co.uk/i.html?_nkw=xbox+dvd+drive&_sacat=0&_odkw=king+size+bed&_osacat=0&_trksid=p3286.c0.m270.l1313 theres loads of em, approx 25 quid!!
  4. i worked at avesta/outokumpu a few year ago, just before they wound thier operation down. i worked as a crane operater in the trade center which was basically a finnishing shop for stainless sheet. there were many operations and finishes applied to the sheet. i found it very interesting and the industrial history of sheffield and surrounding towns is slowly getting forgotton. it was a sad day when they started to knock down the buildings on the shepcote lane site. my claim to fame: the large clock/temperature read out that was on the wall of the building visible from the motorway. i unloaded it from the lorry prior to it bieng installed, it cost over £15k and almost didnt make it in one piece!!!!
  5. read up on the internet!!! its not a hard job to jailbreak and unlock!!! probably take you half an hour!!!
  6. http://support.asus.com/download/download.aspx?SLanguage=en-us
  7. sean was in one of the pubs in handsworth one afternoon last summer when i was there, i didn't even recognise him. just thought he was one of the 'fellas in a pub'. he was down to earth and normal. you can't say that about many of the celebs these days. they are usually sipping cocktails in trendy london bars, or falling out of taxi's drunk with no knickers on! (not that 'm suggesting Mr Bean wears Knickers) every credit to a local lad who's kept in touch with his upbringing!!!
  8. if only i had some cash it would be the second in my collection of cabby's, have you tried the escort cabriolet club?
  9. anyone know how sheffield road at rotherham is doing, i need to get to work in mornin!
  10. i agree, i wouldn't let my dog off the lead just incase he bounded over and knocked a child over, he is about 2 yrs old so is very giddy at the begining of walkies, then again i don't take my dog to children dominant areas. i live close to ample rural land and he will happily scout the hedgerows. if a kids area/recreational park was my only option he would have a muzzle fitted to ensure no unpredictable nips were a possiblity. surely it's against rules to allow any dog off the lead in a park?
  11. He said: "What we know at this time is that the dog was a family pet, a two-and-a-half year old female rottweiler, which the family had owned for about six months. "Although the dog lived in the yard of the premises, it had interacted with members of the family including children, and another dog and cat at the house, and had shown no previous signs of any aggression." quote from the bbc wesite: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/west_yorkshire/7163696.stm i rest my case, the dog was 'kept' in the yard ( children invaded it's teritory???? ) it was only owned for 6 months, who had it before and how was it treat, i would never own a dog that i wasn't totally sure of and very unlikely to own a 'second hand' animal. the baby sitter was UPSTAIRS when the other child (7yr old i think) took the baby outside, that raises issues even without the dog attack. it is very unfortunate that the child died but surely the doors to the front and rear should be locked at all times when children are in the house, mine are and i have locks on all rear gates, the stairs are protected too. all sockets are protected and my daughter uses plastic beakers to drink from, the oven and hob are switched off at the mains and the gas fire is capped off in the cellar, which is also protected by a bolt at high level, tinned food is kept in low cupboard and chemicals in high cupboards. etc etc! am i too safety concious? oh and i do keep a high powered air rifle( safely stored out of reach, and unloaded but with ammunition close at hand) just in case of smack heads, dog attacks or pigeon landing on my garden! i have a shovel in my locked shed and various sharp knives in my case in a high level cupboard. any of these, bieng an adult will be used if my or any dog attacks my daughter or any member of my family in that way. then again the dog or child is never without adult supervision either together or seperately. ever!
  12. i have not yet met an 'aggressive' breed that would attack without the owners consent, i have however experienced very noisy rotties and staffies that don't want you on thier 'land'. my dog, a staffie, would not and does not show aggressive behaviour, we play fetch, we go on long walks and he is trusted to sleep at the side of our daughter on the rug but he never shows aggression, they are relatively young(my daughter and the dog) and he follows her everywhere, he loves the treats she gives him and he obeys her more than the wife. anyone who says that dogs are too dangerous is an idiot. dogs are pack animals and follow instinct. they have a very small understanding of human life and are placed as they are seen by the 'alpha' male/female. i would love to see how many 'attacking' dogs have been trained to grab or chew ropes and stuff you can buy in supermarkets as apposed to the ones who get regular feed times, regular walk times and regualar play times!
  13. can we just say that 'little miss get a kid' who goes and get pregnant for the housing and employment benefits is at very least trying the system on her parents devout N.I contributions, how does that compare with a person who comes from a country that britain and america has recently bombed into poverty. i do not agree with the menfolk in our community who hang around in towns etc but some of th'assylum' seekers are genuine people and are more qualified than most of us but cannot work because they have the 'assylum' status! the system is wrong and WE need to try and change it!
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