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  1. off now, finally got fed up of the threatening pm's . The people (loose term) who have been sending them know who they are and they also know where to find me if they ever get the backbone to actually attempt to carry out their threats. Bloody muslims I've **** them bigger.
  2. is there an issue of the mods reading your pm's? who knows what else they delete etc
  3. Noooooo! keep sEzar the geezer in...he's great TV and he's got women sorted ; he knows that Rich will get the gay vote and that Lea will be the one to go
  4. bloody spam, you have X messages, nowt there.
  5. Unabomber - looked at the pics on your recent post. I like it, looks great the finished work. Bright and cheerful
  6. Shoeshine, do you remember when you had rickets? You are truly retro man
  7. I expect Jose to snap up a couple of defenders and an extra midfielder
  8. http://www.yorkshirefishing.net/content.php?article.109 this place is close to sheffield,easy to fish and allows day tickets but is busy on a sunday.
  9. Aren't they great. So reliable, cheap and driven by friendly drivers. Top marks , don't you agree?
  10. Mutant, you're a regular robber of young ladies virtues. Isn't it a bit hypocritical of you to critise others of your ilk?
  11. Hey Rich as a fellow 'special needs' person its a bit off you calling anyone a 'window licker' isn't it?
  12. Not accepting notes on buses What a sensible idea. I'll buy my saver tickets with 5p's and copper. They'll love it, won't they?
  13. Ground frost tomorrow morning - ffs its June
  14. where did you get it from? I've heard various poor comments about them , was it ok to set up and is it the official nintendo one or the cheap dlogic clone?
  15. not all bus drivers are such t**ts , sadly few of them work for First. Stagecoach is the way forward
  16. Well there was last year; bloody germans attacking a russian pill box. and a Lancaster fly past quality it was.
  17. Burton Street Project have loads of rooms at very low cost. They're in the phonebook
  18. Well I suspect you did it yourself to generate more publicity (that was a joke) - no more to do except re-print and re-post and this time lock the padlock. Dosn't sound like kids , were there no empty cider bottles nearby ? You're probably right its probably the Mayfesters out and about
  19. Red Wine is fine for you in moderation, too much gives you shocking headaches the next day (well it does to me <g>) So, if we avoid the sun and get 'ricketts' can we then sue the authors of the report suggesting avoiding it?
  20. Brainthrust, someone's offered to explain the jokes to Rich so 4 can be removed safely
  21. comedy post of the bank holiday you'll not have much to read then
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