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  1. I lived at 47 Fairthorn Road next door to Susan Maycock
  2. As above, he is from Alpine Roofing and i have lost his details.
  3. He is sorted now, thank you for all the replies.
  4. He went to Wembley yesterday and got separated from his mates and is stuck in Brockley South London,(this is the first time ever he has been to London and is lost) so i don't suppose anyone can give him a lift back today please, will pay towards petrol money, please pm me.
  5. My neighbour has a garden fire right now, surely this cant be right at 11am on a sunny day like today when i have my washing out on the line, some people have no consideration for others these days.
  6. Think my wifi card in my laptop has stopped working and i am now connected by a usb (i think that's what its called) does anyone know where i can get it replaced hopefully in the s5 area and how much it will cost me. My laptop is an hp pavillion.
  7. The op said that the go fund me site has a problem but Just giving link works https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/HelpBlake
  8. I agree, its such a good cause i made a donation!
  9. I drive past it daily and wondered the same thing as the shutters have been down all week.
  10. nelly who is the sister of maise winnie joe dennis and lawrence sadley passed away last year aged 93
  11. I had one from the RAC 2 weeks ago, paid £90 and its comes with a 5 year guarantee.
  12. Thank you to you all for the suggestions, i am out and about today so will visit them and see if i can find what i am looking for
  13. I looked on pets at home website earlier and had no joy.
  14. Sasha is a rescue dog and she is 2-3 years old, i need a new collar and lead for her and i am struggling to find one to fit her at a reasonable price. She is only small and her neck is 17.5" Does anyone know where i can buy one from? I recently ordered her a matching leather collar, lead and harness off amazon which should have fitted her but it didnt so i had to return it. I dont mind ordering one again but i would prefer to buy one from a local shop, i am in s5.
  15. Thank you, i will give them a call
  16. Hi, I am in desperate need of a pet taxi to take my dog to a boarding kennels from s5 to Ason and then bring her back again a week later, its getting close now and i am getting a little concerned i will have to cancel my week away. TIA.
  17. Thank you very much I have found someone who can take Sasha, so now just need someone to bring her back home.
  18. Saturday 25th October between 8 and 8.30 and pick her back Saturday 1st November at 3 pm
  19. ok i will call her, thanks ---------- Post added 06-10-2014 at 19:45 ---------- Thanks, Corrina will have Sasha ---------- Post added 07-10-2014 at 13:39 ---------- I am now looking for a pet taxi to take her to the kennels and bring her home when i get back off holiday, does anyone know a company that does this please, i have googled it but not had any luck as yet!
  20. I spoke to Corrina, she told me she doesnt have staffies.
  21. Hi, I may need to find a boarding kennels for my hyper staffordshire bull terrier Sasha, at the end of the month for a few days, also she will more than likely need picking up and dropping off so i was hoping someone could recommend anywhere suitable who could do this.
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