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  1. I lived at 47 Fairthorn Road next door to Susan Maycock
  2. As above, he is from Alpine Roofing and i have lost his details.
  3. He is sorted now, thank you for all the replies.
  4. He went to Wembley yesterday and got separated from his mates and is stuck in Brockley South London,(this is the first time ever he has been to London and is lost) so i don't suppose anyone can give him a lift back today please, will pay towards petrol money, please pm me.
  5. My neighbour has a garden fire right now, surely this cant be right at 11am on a sunny day like today when i have my washing out on the line, some people have no consideration for others these days.
  6. Think my wifi card in my laptop has stopped working and i am now connected by a usb (i think that's what its called) does anyone know where i can get it replaced hopefully in the s5 area and how much it will cost me. My laptop is an hp pavillion.
  7. The op said that the go fund me site has a problem but Just giving link works https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/HelpBlake
  8. I agree, its such a good cause i made a donation!
  9. I drive past it daily and wondered the same thing as the shutters have been down all week.
  10. nelly who is the sister of maise winnie joe dennis and lawrence sadley passed away last year aged 93
  11. I had one from the RAC 2 weeks ago, paid £90 and its comes with a 5 year guarantee.
  12. Thank you to you all for the suggestions, i am out and about today so will visit them and see if i can find what i am looking for
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