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  1. I have never sold at a carboot before tempted with the Owlerton one tommorrow at 2pm i have one question do the venues provide tables or is it the sellers responsibility ? Cheers Ian
  2. I am selling my property in Wisewood I have had similar quotes from Winkworth and Saxton Mee my preference so far is Saxton Mee is there any better estate agents in Hillsborough that i should consider ? Ian
  3. My boiler has been on the blink for a few days now now it has completely packed up looking at the manual it appears that there is insufficient pressure in the central heating system can anybody recommend a good corgi engineer to sort this out ? the boiler is a Ferroli Modena 80 E Cheers Ian
  4. My Belling Touchtronic (Halagon ?) Hob is Broken it keeps on shutting down when i am cooking and sometime times you can not turn it on and it keeps on bleeping any recommendations for a good repair man Cheers Ian
  5. My Boiler has decided to stop working and i need to get it fixed any recommendations for good corgi engineers ? Cheers Ian
  6. I am moving in 2 weeks time the only bulky stuff would be a bed and a sofa I would like to use the services of the removal man who I found through this forum who helped me move from london however I no longer have his mobile phone number however I am sure he was known on this forum as man with a van anybody have his number ?
  7. try http://www.whenthemusicstops.com I will probably go on the June event so I may see you then !! being a bit cheeky now if you fancy a blind date just send me a private message Ian
  8. I moved from London to Sheffield five months ago I have made some male friends however I am having difficulty finding a girlfriend, all the women I have been out with have been in their twenties and as I am 38 the age gap has become a bit of an issue. I would like to meet a women in my age group however this is difficult in Sheffield because it has 2 large universities and most of the women in the bars and clubs are in their early twenties, are there any single bars/clubs that thirtysomething women go to ?
  9. I paid the extra £250 to get a more thorough survey I doubt that if I just got the basic mortgage survey that this potential problem would be picked up.
  10. My bid for a 3 bed end terrace property was accepted about a month ago I have just had the survey back. the report is generally good considering that the property is over 100 years old the only urgent matter is the provision of a rendered coating to stop any possible damp problems and if I have read the report correctly the surveyor estimates that this will cost £3,000 to correct. Obviously I will get a free quotation from a local firm to find out how much it will cost to correct. If it does cost £3,000 I could either increase my mortgage, wait until i have saved the money as I am sure the work can wait for another couple of years or ask the vendor to foot some of the bill however I do have a good relationship with the vendor and am buying quite a lot of her furniture and the market is so boyant in Hillsborough I don't want her to pull out as finding another property will be difficult so what shall I do ? Advice will be appreciated. Ian
  11. Thanks for the advise, Parklands does not sound very nice luckily I found this website !! I think that Wisewood is probably the best option Ian
  12. I am moving from London to Sheffield, I will be viewing some properties to rent on Saturday. I would be grateful if you could advise me if they are nice areas to live in. Parklands Wisewood Road, Wisewood close to Malin Bridge tram stop Shenstone Road, Hillsborough close to Leppings Lane Cheers Ian
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