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  1. Hi I'm trying to lose weight but find normal exercise classes boring. Does anyone know of classes in Yoga, belly dancing, salsa dancing etc, I'm not piccky. I live in Killamarsh so ideally I would like somewhere near there. Any suggestions.
  2. Happy (belated) Birthday you hunk of Lovelyness!! (if their is such a word?)
  3. Meant to be cleaning and waiting for my hungover boyfriend to emerge from bed to help, Dirty rat!
  4. B B's in the centre, I think its West Street? Its nice and initmate and the food is lovely.
  5. I find it quite ironic that from one sentence you can make such a sweeping statement. I certainly wont apologise for MY feelings, but maybe it does make me a bad sister for putting my life on hold for 28 years supporting my sister. For dropping everythng when she needed me, helping her financially, looking after her little girl when it all got too much, the list goes on.... I appreciate there is more then one type of sucide, those that are genuine and those that are manipulation. My experience of it was manipulation and that was what hurt, because if she needed me all she had to do was ask. Lots of people don't have that luxury, which in my opinion of MY situation does make her incredabilly selfish.
  6. Having had my sister try to commit sucide last year I feel very strongly that its the most selfish act anyone could do. She was extremley depressed and felt there was no other way out but there always is. Up until this happened I had lots of compassion for people who commit this act but now it makes me angry. She didn't consider our family and how it would affect us, I'm her twin, she didn't care how it would affect me and how devastated I still feel that she did this. Her life is wonderful now she's back on anti-depressants but every day I still wonder if its the day she going to ring me again to tell me she's taken an over dose.
  7. Hi I 'm wanting a second kitten and was hoping to get one from the sheffield cats shelter. I was going to get it at the beginning of summer so i could spend a full six weeks looking after and socialising him, as I will be at home. Does anyone know if they would allow me a second one? As I've just read a thread about someone who wasn't allowed to have just one.
  8. I would recommend Brenda Diskin, she's very good. I was very sceptical when the reading was over as some of the things she told me about my career was way off. But since then everything she told me has come true and in exactly the same order as she told me.
  9. I think it all depends on the two people involved. If your relationship works and your happy then why should it matter.
  10. I haven't been told I look like a celebrity but I have been told I look like a collections box for a childrens charity! Its a little baby with a bonnet on, very depressing in deed!
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