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  1. Councils have to follow so many silly recruitment rules otherwise it might make sense to keep it in house. How does a private company really manage it more cheaply? Minimum wage? Terrifying. Good work. I do one with a group once per month and there are The Sheffield Litter Picker pages on Facebook and twitter. A cleaner city is worth more than the money. Picking it up is a constant cycle, education needs to be paid for before that. Although I have no idea why some people would need educating to take their rubbish home rather than polluting the place.
  2. I tried but I don't think she is cut out as a venue reviewer. "It was quite nicely done out, Big range of gin. No idea on other drinks".
  3. My girlfriend went on Friday night and said it was rather pleasant. I didn;t get much more info but can ask if you care.
  4. Ok. Is this a warning? Are you going to elaborate or is that all for this thread?
  5. Someone has just said on Twitter, a place called Orange on Hickmott Road. 10 Hickmott Road Sheffield S11 8QF
  6. No, not that. OP - Following this post I asked on Twitter if any gluten free types would like to get together and do a gluten free pub crawl. It seemed like a fairly popular idea. Two people from the group are hoping to log the GF pubs and create a group. Do you want to join in? Probably in the new year.
  7. On draft - BrewDog and The Devonshire Cat. Devonshire Cat has lots and lots of bottled stuff too. The landlady is coeliac so happy to help, they also make their foodstuff too. Bottles - The Broadfield, The Beer Engine amongst others which are currently failing me.
  8. If you have an iPhone/iPad try the Recycle Sheffield app @SheffRecycling
  9. Where is this place? Who is the councillor? Could it be crowdfunded?
  10. A friend of mine is setting up her third annual Christmas party for the elderly. If anyone would like to help either financially, volunteering on the day, donating raffle prizes or Christmas decorations etc please do get in touch. Hopefully this will let me link the fundraising page but it's not just financial help that is needed. https://gogetfunding.com/the-better-together-christmas-party-2017/ ---------- Post added 27-10-2017 at 11:56 ---------- If anyone is interested we are having a fundraising night at Laycock Sports, Woodseats, S8 0JZ on Wednesday the 15th of November from 7.30pm. We will have a pub quiz with some decengt prizes, pie and peas and options to buy raffle tickets (With a top prize of £250). Tickets can be purchased for £8 each in advance using the link above with all proceeds going towards the elderly folks' party. If you use the link above for the Pub Quiz please put a note on stating PUB QUIZ and ATTENDEES NAMES. Alternatively it will be £10 on the door on the night.
  11. That's some seriously fast walking. In fact people do sponsored runs more slowly than that.
  12. These people need to see their doctor, "defecating pigeons" sounds unnantural and very painful.
  13. It seems someone had been making plans https://sheffield.citizenspace.com/performance-research/parson-cross-park-public-consultation/ Speak to the people at the library. If you do get one up and running then have chat to Jade Blair via the Sheffield Litter Pickers group on Facebook as she has been organising those so is seemingly community minded.
  14. I'm not sure there is a practical answer in the short term. In the long term it has to be education but that could take centuries. I currently report, almost, everything to the council via the Fix My Street App as well as being part of Sheffield Litter Pickers (ON Facebook and Twitter) to try and do our bit to sort it. I realise my actions are p****** in the wind but makes me feel better and keeps the gaff tidy for a while.
  15. Ryan Rhodes' gym closed after about six months but relocated in S3 https://www.26rrfitness.co.uk/#
  16. To OP. I will be out and about all weekend, taking in as much as I can, whatever and wherever that mey be. It is the best weekend of the year in the city and the fact that so many local people don't buy into it is baffling to me. I will be watching The Libertines, The Big Moon, Estrons, The SSS, John Joseph Brill, Jerry Williams, Spit and Strings and Humble Williams amongst many others. Enjoy. The rain won't stop anyone (apart from sugar man above).
  17. Can't you just use bags of sand or similar? Or road grit if you need something easily accesible.
  18. Facebook, Twitter, local press, ask businesses, do sponsored events, set up your own sponsored events and ask other people to attend and contribute.
  19. Have a look on the listsings of https://littlesheffield.org.uk/ or for younger kids http://tripswithatot.com/
  20. Rotherham folk also call it us. Agreed but I do believe there is a slow realisation that people need to do things, regardless of the scale, themselves and try to circumvent the council and others with their slow moving, insular, obscure ways. He's got a point.
  21. Even better and fewer excuses than I thought. Not sure what percentage of Page Hall is council or Housing Association as opposed to private. Not got time to search at the moment.
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