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  1. The contents are seemingly recycled by Tetra Pak in their own centres.
  2. Try asking in the sport section on here or on helpfulpeeps.com or @HelpSheffield on Twitter.
  3. Did The Gardener's Rest reply?
  4. Tramlines will pay for and clean up all that mess. Can't find the article now but have read a report somewhere that up to 80% of litter is smoking related. Butts, packets, matches, wrappers etc. All adds up. You can buy small fireproof containers that you can pop your butts into until you can find a bin. Gets mooted every 3 weeks but, after some limited, trials, never gets taken on. Not sure of the reasons why not. Sheffield Litter Pickers group is looking to meet with councillors soon to try and get some more long term and foolproof strategies in place.
  5. Waitrose and Morrisons at Hillsborough Barracks.
  6. It seems to have been waking up again, very slowly, recently. I saw Katherine Ryan there a few months ago (comedy not music admittedly) and have seen a few other bands planning to go there. The website isn't that friendly but can't see anything exciting coming its way. I have seen Cypress Hill, Funkdoobiest, Lords of the Underground (one gig), Supergrass, Oasis, Rob Brydon (Comedy - when he was funny) and others that now escape me.
  7. I don't think we have any venues that are totally gluten and dairy free but several places are good at maring up their menus with what their meals inlude or not. Look at the (hopefully) online menus for places like The Broadfield, The Devonshire, Las Iguanas, Casa Mia amongst others.
  8. Please tell me where you folks go drinking/eating as I need to avoid such places. I'd be crying if I spent "a few hundred quid" on a night out.
  9. A Sheffield football history walk app has just been launched apparently. http://www.sheffieldnewsroom.co.uk/walk-your-way-round-sheffields-football-history/
  10. There is a thread on that Facebook page that started on the 7th of March with several people looking to help out.
  11. Before my time but just shows that Sheffielders have been moaning since at least 1979. It can go over the bridge and get straight on or left (Not sure if they can turn left currently) but not right onto the newly pedestrainised bit.
  12. It isn't a huge diversion. They could be sent down streets behind the back of The Wicker and make those bus only. Looking at posts here and elsewhere nothing will get most people out of their cars so why pretend with the half ar&&& measures the council have put in place so far.
  13. I have no idea about what goes on culturally in Stockholm but I do think Sheffield has much more going on than many people realise. You have to go and find things, they don;t always come to you. Sheffield has a problem with litter but is generally quite pleasant and I certainly wouldn't describe it as scruffy. In answer to Gus, I see no reason why you wouldn't have a good time here. I did have a friend, from Germany, live here for 2 years and he did struggle to make friends but shout up and I can point you in the directions of tons of good activities and groups.
  14. Have a walk down Abbeydale and London Roads and you will see numerous hairdressers open late into the evening. If I had hair I'd certainly appreciate the opening hours that are outside my working hours. The buses can drive around the ring road at either end like everyone else. You could do with some optimism in your life.
  15. Assume you mean correlation. It is giving the kids something to do. Teaching them discipline and allowing them to expel their energy in a more useful way than they might otherwise. The stats appear to speak for themselves. Boxing and other sports have saved many people from going along a less desirable path.
  16. Loads of stuff going on. I find out loads of stuff from Twitter. I have also recently joined a WhatsApp group with people who want to organise doing stuff together, all strangers to each other. There is a plan to meet in The Broadfield this Thursday.
  17. There's an alcohol free dance party at Sharrow Junior School this Friday 7-11.30pm. Everywhere can be enjoyed without alcohol though.
  18. The benefits of the place appear to be saving the authorities more money than they'd ever expect to get in from rent.
  19. Not sure if there are two sentences here. Is this proper pub boring or your local with TVs etc boring? Some pubs in this city are getting things very right for their market i.e. they are packed and others I go in I just despair and wonder why they don;t see why it is empty.
  20. Forgot about Ashoka, no issues there. Only been a couple of time but the food is decent.
  21. All Siam Thai restaurant is the only one I can recommend. In my view there's quite a bit of overpriced, under quality going on for food on that street.
  22. No, I suspect it is potentially illegal (apparently police use discretion) to ride them on the pavement as with all bikes. They should be used on the road if ridden by an adult and are probably too big for must children anyway.
  23. It depends on the vegan but most will. For the OP, try Casa Mia at Nether Edge. Nice new Italian with a page of vegan options on the menu. Think the very new (opened today) Urbanita288 at 288 Abbeydale Road is meant to do vegan and gluten free stuff.
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