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  1. In your pocket is the best guide but if you need to know anymore e-mail me as I spent a month there last year and have friends living there still.
  2. I'd be interested to know if you do find any but I'm quite certain no such thing exists. Not sure if we get enough visitors to warrent one, although we should have, a very underrated city in my opinion. Biased yes, mad no.
  3. That's all I need to know really, just hoping it's not some dull flats.
  4. I am under the impression that snap relates to the sound of the sandwich box as you open it at snap time. May have made this all up but it's the best I can manage.
  5. I am sad but I admit to travelling miles out of my planned route to visit this place. What a waste of time. It looks nice on the link on this thread but it is very dull in reality and almost all of New Zealand looks like that anyway. Very rude lady in the local shop as well.
  6. Thank Goodness it is closing, it's one of the worst pubs in town. No atmosphere, too expensive and full of a very odd mix of people who appear to have arrived there because they know no better.
  7. Not sure you'll want to meet up as I'm very unreliabe and old(ish). But I'm afraid the art of indie and decent alternative in Sheffield is dying as far as i can tell. The Leadmill on a Saturday is still decent but very samey (samewith everywhere I suppose if you go every week), do not go anywhere near it on a Friday? Not sure what the uni's do these days as I'm not allowed, not being one. Step On is decent the last Friday of every month at Aqua (Roundhouse as was) as for pubs, it'll have to be The Globe and not many other's to be honest. If I ever go out again I'll have another look on here to see if you wish to join, don't hold your breath though.
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