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  1. Such as? So you're as much a part of the problem as the council are. It's not about you. Me and many others it seems. I have no idea why so many people seem so angry at cyclists. I drive and very rarely cycle but I'd be much happier if everyone else cycled and no one else drove a vehicle.
  2. I am not sure if it is possible to delete messages from here so I just changed it instead.
  3. Would be as much use as posting it on Sheffield Forum in that case.
  4. My best guess would be to try the new Ozmen off London Road.
  5. Have sent you a private message Andrew.
  6. Been a few times. It's nice but very cosy. Not sure about their cider selection (I don't drink lager etc) but they seemed open to changing things when I chatted to the manager.
  7. Pie shop is already open. BarrowBoy by Tesco is good but a tiny, tiny place.
  8. This ^ was what I was going to say to that ^^. If people weren't ^&*&*&* then the police wouldn't be needed at all. Many people become &&^&^ when they have drink so don't see any reason to give them more access to booze. Having said that it will now be a sweet shop. Sweets are nice.
  9. Think asking what time the birds are around sounds a lot less creepy then "When does your wife finish work?".
  10. If you don't have any luck with ringing Amey, you could use their website or I've found the FixMyStreet app is better for certain things, like this. For those of you having problems of people putting the "wrong" rubbish in their nearby public bins put a sticker on there explaining that that is what their black bin is for. Might also be worth putting Amey's number on said sticker so that other people who are annoyed by it have the number to hand to report it themselves.
  11. We play every Tuesday at Goals. Either 7 or 7.45 kick offs in a reasonably decent league. We often need 1 or 2 players each so would like someone who can commit to Tuesdays. We generally don’t play if Sheffield United are at home so you won’t miss out either way if that’s an issue.
  12. Have you considered going along to the GirlGang speed-mateing events? Am sure there are lots of people of similar age and interests.
  13. I always use Songkick (app version) and get notifications when my favourite acts tour. It also shows you events by location and date. Seems to do what I need.
  14. You, or whoever, are welcome. Seems like much of it has been returend to its former glory rather too quickly but at least it highlighted the fact that lots of people want a cleaner city.
  15. Report it directly to Ofo they have a 6 person team driving around, recovering and repairing them.
  16. Think this could definitely draw a few in. The Neepsend takeover could be called the Kelham Creep.
  17. That's great to hear. I'm sure that will make someone, in particular, rather happy. Do feel free to comment if you think of anything else.
  18. Hello, I've recently become involved with the goings on of The Gardener's Rest pub in Neepsend and was wondering what people thought of the place and if there is anything that can be done to improve it etc. For those of you who haven't been and know nothing of it, it's near 92 Burton Street (Home of Peddler's Market) on Neepsend Lane. It's a traditional pub, serving real ales, with a bar billiard table and a very nice, little beer garden that backs onto the river. The pub is now community owned following a crowdfunding appeal last year. There isn't much of a budget for any major improvements but I thought I'd see what people thought.
  19. More bins doesn't necessarily lead to less litter. Read Litterology, the authours studeied this and litterers litter and others don't regardless of the facilities available. Lots of organised picks on Sheffield Litter Picker's Facebook page. It isn't normal but because staff are always employed to pick it up and other people drop it the mentaility of humans is that "a bit more won't make a difference" and often it won't.
  20. I discovered one of my ancestors was a murderer having had one too many beverages, riding his horse from Lincoln to Grantham and shooting his mistress at point blank range. He was one of the first 4 people in the world to be hanged by the long drop method and is buried in the grounds of Lincoln Castle.
  21. The 3 pubs in town that show sports regularly are The Head of Steam (I think this also fits the ale criteria), Walkabout and The Common Room neither of which I frequent often but are probably less aley than the HOS.
  22. I have been told they are at The Morrisons by the person who created the Recycle Sheffield app. Not sure if that is current info or not but he seemed to think so.
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