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  1. 16 hours ago, K1Machine said:

    Typical football thugs. Knuckle draggers the lot of em.

    Stereotypes making the world go round as usual. Completely untrue.

    11 hours ago, makapaka said:

    Never seen owt like that in all my life - regularly use public transport.


    dont think it’s the norm by any stretch.

    Glad to see someone not thinking the end of the world is nigh.

  2. The Keep Britain Tidy campaign is running their annual Spring Clean from the 22nd of March to the 23rd of April 2019 and as part of The Sheffield Litter Pickers group we are trying to piggy back onto this and ask everyone to pick at least 20 pieces of litter during that time. Ideally 20 pieces every day, as there's more than enough to go round. Please join in, share etc. Before anyone says it's the council's job I agree but it isn't getting done and some areas in this city are a disgrace. If we wait for the council we might drown in it.



  3. 16 hours ago, Bargepole23 said:

    Popcorn is vile, especially the sweet stuff.


    Don't particularly remember a popcorn smell at Odeon.


    17 hours ago, kaytie said:

    Does it reek of sweet popcorn?   Disgusted last Sunday at The Light sitting  by what has to be the world's messiest eater who chucked her popcorn everywhere,.   Looked like it had been snowing in there when the movie ended.   An d the smell  .....  was almost sick.

    I've never encountered a popcorn hater before so to find two on the same thread is very exciting.

  4. 1 hour ago, Phili Buster said:

    Any chance this may result in full sentence for carrying a bladed weapon? I won't hold my breath.

    He has been charged with attempted murder so I suspect so.


    He may or may not be mentally ill but he'll now either be sentenced to prison or hospital and they can, hopefully, help him to realise that macheteing people isn't acceptable whether he knows that or not right now.

  5. On 26/01/2019 at 21:14, Bargepole23 said:

    Are the school staff responsible for clearing up litter outside the school gates?


    It's as much your responsibility as theirs so crack on. Or couldn't you care less? What a poor example you are setting.

    It is everyone's responsibility.

    On 26/01/2019 at 21:52, Ms Interpret said:

    The worst I have seen (apart from Page Hall) is Norfolk Park Road  Ive no idea why there is so much litter strewn along there it really  was bad when I travelled along  there the other night Is this down to the students??

    This is an unfortunate corridoe for All Saints School, Goals Football and the Sheffield College and it seems to be a mess every time I go along there but by no means the worst I've seen.

    On 27/01/2019 at 06:58, OPEN BORDERS said:

    The litter problem on our streets in every area, in every town and city only seems to have started since - recycling and fortnightly bin collections.


    On 27/01/2019 at 10:35, max said:

    There's a Facebook page called Sheffield Litter Pickers where people can contact local teams of volunteers and join in to keep their environments litter free.

    There is and we are doing a decent job but it is a bit of a sticking plaster so we're increasingly working with the council, Amey and Veolia to see if better systems can be put in place.

    On 28/01/2019 at 10:44, bassett one said:

    3 ways to sort help this out

    1,complain to SCC 

    2, work with your local tara many meet and remove or offer free skip days

    3,educate the public

    but the first 2 are a quick solution ,and do work

    Complaining to the council will do nothing unless you mean reporting litter/fly tipping. If you do mean that then I'd suggest using the Fix My street app as it seems to get a better response than going to the council directly. That is because each report on there is public so the contractors do those first rather than the hidden email reports. Taras seem to be dying on their behinds, not sure I know of an effective one. Educating the public is the government, councils and contractors job and needs huge investment but won't get it.

  6. 18 hours ago, Eric_Collins said:

    I can add to this as this issue has happened to me. The blue boxes were good and you could fill with cardboard and ask for another and they would give you one , you could even stack cardboard neatly and they would take it. Now since we got a blue bin that is far smaller in size than the old blue boxes we can't get as much in. You put the extra cardboard out as before all stacked nice and neat and they now won't take it..


    What options are you then left with ???


    I now have to burn the excess card that won't be collected by the council. I did leave it for ages in the old blue boxes and put bits in as and when I could but this started to attract vermin living in the boxes. 


    I have no other choice than to burn what they won't take and I can't store because of the rats. Its burnt in a steel bin and controlled which happens 2 times a week , when we had the blue boxes we didn't burn not a once. 

    Are you a cardboard manuafcturing business from your home? Where does it all come from?

    18 hours ago, Penistone999 said:

    Why not ?

    We could try burning some near you if you want and I'm sure you'll soon get the idea.

    6 hours ago, grand said:

    you are allowed to have as many fires in your back yard as you like 


    it doesnt harm the air anymore than car fumes do.. 

    report them for what they are legally allowed to have a fire in there back yard😆😆😆

    Because "it doesn't harm the air anymore than car fumes do) does that mean we should let peple do it or should we be stopping that, trying to drive less and reducing fumes from cars?

  7. I went to The Lost and Found on Sunday. It looks pretty similar to The Pointing Dog, not sure if the decorating is finished yet but it was sold as Victorian themed, like their other branches in Leeds, Birmingham etc but it's very plain currently. They had a few decent drinks on, food was OK (Not sure how anyone can do a sunday roast that right or terribly wrong so hard to judge) but I am not sure I'd have been happy if it had been full price. Got a discount preview weekend thing going on.

  8. I hope not.

    kelham ISland has been a lovely place to drink for years. I personally dont want all the session drinkers, users, losers and substance abusers to discover it and ruin it


    How many drinks are they allowed to have, should they wish to frequent Kelham Island?


    Kelham Island is in the middle of the red light district. How low can you go?


    Not any more. I go down there quite regularly and haven't seen any of ladies of the night or similar for years.

  9. Ah that authentic street food..cooked up in a central kitchen.


    How does having a centralised kitchen make it in any way less authentic? Is it not about the ingredients and cooking methods rather than where it is cooked? Or would you prefer it be cooked on the street to be truly authentic? Or even in India.


    I was looking forward to trying this place but this administration puts me off... I've been on the receiving end of non-payment from an expanding, ill managed business.


    If people put money into it it is more likely to survive.

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