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  1. 23 hours ago, beefface said:

    Julie Dore is utterly incapable of handling a pressure interview, have you heard her. Sheffield Council won’t allow her near a microphone!

    Sadly she IS Sheffield Council especially while they operate the "strong leader" model, so rightly so she doesn't allow herself to be interviewed. There's a bloke on Twitter who only ever refers to her as "The Dinner Lady" so I don't think he thinks she's particularly capable.

  2. On 08/07/2019 at 12:01, Easy livin said:

    I used to love kelham island.


    Never go there now.   To many people looking for the next cool thing. 

    I am sure the trendy crowd love it. But no longer my cup of tea

    The sort of bizarre Sheffield attitude that proliferates throughout this forum. It has all sorts of people. People you don't know aren't really why people go out.

    19 hours ago, jake said:

    I enjoyed the guide - good work!


    Its been strange seeing Kelham change so much, but its good to see life in the area... though the last year has seen maybe too much life in the area..


    I wouldnt say it was a trendy crowd - if anything seems to be a bit older folk who maybe went down West st 10 or 20 years ago. Also can be a  bit of a culture clash  - like in the Gardeners on Saturdays with groups of lads getting the lagers in much to the horror of the bar staff.. I've never seen the pub so full!

    As a community owned and run pub The Gardeners Rest needed all the help it could get. Hopefully the extra income will help it flourish and allow it to offer for more and the community who live and go there. They have decorated the function room upstairs for example and that is available for hire.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Brooker11 said:

    I doubt knowing that Foster is a Tory (or not) determines any political knowledge, what makes you think he isn't?

    I've listened to him speak. I think knowing what sort of political leaning someone has from the words they use and things they say suggests that one is more likely to know what is going on in the political world. Without that prior knowledge of politics one wouldn't have a clue as to which party/political wing they might float towards.

  4. 23 hours ago, Bilge said:

    Yorkshire tourism mostly equates to the Dales and NY Moors national parks, the seaside places, plus Leeds and York. The Yorkshire bit of the Peak District is not included in 'Welcome to Yorkshire' as the Peak park 'belongs' to Derbyshire in tourism terms. Sheffield has a bit of visitor action but not that much really, we can do better..


    In terms of positioning or branding or place marketing, it's fine to have a few different images for a city, they're never simply defined by one thing. Being 'Steel City' was never an adequate definition. We're definitely a music city, definitely an outdoor city. Other things we can do better (retail, museums, stuff to do when it rains, food etc).


    In the UK there is London, which is a global city. Then there are the big cities/regions Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. Look at where bands play if they only have a handful of dates in the UK, it's these places. The next rank is the regional capitals (eg Leeds). Then there is Sheff on the next rung..That's where we are and it's fine. All we can do is make Sheff as good as it possibly can be. We can close the gap on Leeds by being different and better in some ways, like Liverpool does with Manchester. But I doubt we  can ever 'get promotion' to those higher levels of economic and political importance.


    Largely agree.

    21 hours ago, GivenToFly said:

    The city has got potential that isn't being lived up to. Sheffield has significant rivers running right through it that other cities that have them capitalise on but Sheffield doesn't. The Don should be lined with all sorts of public amenities and nice spaces and infrastructure but isn't, Attercliffe should transformed into a sprawling silicone valley type place full modern engineering and tech firms served by a Vegas type quarter.

    There is talk of getting as many of the rivers as possible out of the culverts and making attractions of them. It does make lots of sense.

    20 hours ago, alchresearch said:

    Considering Sheffield isn't the UK's first or second city I don't see how you can compare it with the ones you mention.


    I don't even know the name of Germany's or France's or Italy or Spain's fifth city, nor what they're famous for. 


    I probably wouldn't have known the second cities (except for Barcelona) until you posted them.


    However, Sheffield does OK on the world stage with plenty of other things making it famous.

    Germany's fifth largest city is Frankfurt and is famous for..

    France's fifth largest city is Nice and is famous for ...

    Italy's is Palermo and is famous for...

    Spain's 5th largest is Bilbao and is famous for...

    19 hours ago, RollingJ said:

    Merely as a point of interest - why do so many on here put Sheffield down?

    General pessimism among the populous but definitely towards the place where they choose to live. Lots and oots of glass half empty attitudes.

    19 hours ago, FIRETHORN1 said:

    Way back in the past, I think Sheffield was best known for it's top class cutlery, knives and steel, but I believe the demise of these industries and the fact that we've got 2 unsuccessful football teams makes us less well known in the rest of the world.

    In terms of "fame"  don't think we can be fairly compared to world capital cities like Paris and Rome, or even our own capital, London,  but we are either the 4th or 5th biggest city in England, so it would be nice to be as famous as other big English Cities of a similar size - like Leeds and Liverpool

    Sheffield makes more steel now than it ever has done. One Premier League team and a Championship team is better than Leeds and the same as Birmingham.

    13 hours ago, ECCOnoob said:

    An interesting point is how are we measuring fame and notoriety.


    Simply comparing Sheffield with other large European cities is the completely wrong approach.  Its obvious that we are not a capital city nor are we even the second city of the UK.  Trying to compare with those is completly incorrect.


    Nor do I agree that fame is determined by simply what makes the newspapers and television.  99% of the time it will be bad news as that's what gets ratings and attracts a story.


    I am more interested in the fame and awareness of Sheffield through arts, trade organisations and comparison in the commercial world.  


    Sheffield universities are certainly attractive and there must be some fame as they are widely populated by international students.


    Sheffield has had significant amounts of foreign investment linked to such students as can be seen in the new developments.


    The investment from McLaren and Boeing in the AMR parks has been widely publicised certainly in the trade press as has the recent redevelopment of kelham Island and the digital quarter.


    The Guardian has undertaken features on Sheffield and there is significant amounts of film and television production still done here with several filmmakers and producers based in the cultural industries area.   


    The Arctic monkeys put Sheffield on the map recently and our legacy music scene is still brought up several times over in features and articles.


    Our theatre complex is still the largest outside London and makes many productions in house which is a rarity in the regions.


    We may not have the yuppie "prestige" of Leeds and Manchester but we are still matching them for investment from big companies and central government who have large offices based here.


    Going back to what I said earlier, whilst  we may not hit the headlines as much as other cities that does not mean that we are not known.  Certainly from my travelling around to other locations and even abroad people are aware of Sheffield and what it can offer.


    The recent flypast had not only gave national news coverage reporting and presenting from here but international too.  It was quite strange seeing CNN and NBC live from a Sheffield park.  Tramlines always attracts some good publicity as does the annual snooker which clearly dominates the BBC schedules each year.


    Let's be completely honest, with the exception of London, does any major city get a disproportionate amount of positive reporting on the news or is it always just when somebody is killed or there is a disaster?

    This ^

    1 hour ago, Baron99 said:

    Couldn't agree more. Aren't we also recognised as being the ale capital of the country with more breweries & the number of different beers available here than anywhere else? 


    Wasn't it only last year that the New York Times ran an article that the Kelham Island area is one of the must see places? 


    1 hour ago, busdriver1 said:

    The strange belief that being close to the peak district is an attraction for tourism makes me laugh. If I were running a coach holiday to the peak district a major factor in deciding where to spend our evenings would involve finding somewhere IN the Peak district, not close to it. Lone travellers on a budget MAY do so but I doubt in any numbers as the cost of onward travel would probably wipe out any advantage to staying in the city.

    Yes, a part of the city is in the National Park, but, none of the towns that are magnets for tourism.

    I suspect a lot of tourists seeing that fact will just think AHH bless them 

    I disagree. If I am going to go to the countryside I'd rather be able to spend the evenings in a nearby city than some one hoss town. Cost of travel to the peaks is minimal.

    50 minutes ago, lazarus said:

    Sheffield has lost its way on the world stage sadly, our once fantastic cutlery trade has gone apart from four companies that still produce quality cutlery, our steel works have gone , the works have been demolished and replaced with entertainment centres  which cost a fortune to visit, our city centre is a complete joke, lumps of stone near Cambridge Street, why? surely some old grindstones would have been more in keeping with our cutlery heritage.

    Student and private flats seem to appear over night, built over the firms that made Sheffield a household name, Kelham Island though lauded by some is another area that forgets just what the area was odigitally. After we lost our steel works, some media firm come up with the name "Steel City" just to make money for his company, we were  fed the "Steel City Derby" every year to me a slur on the thousands of men and women who made this city what it was.. 

    Glass half empty.

  5. On 04/11/2018 at 23:46, DarrylThomas said:

    Any 5-a-side teams out there looking for a regular player? I’m 34. 35 in Febraury. Just looking for a regular game. Bone of my mates wanna start a team so i’ll make some new mates. Preferably at goals as i only live up road from it and preferably wednesday or thursday evenings. My number is 07534 227 579.


    Are you still looking?

  6. 4 minutes ago, Chez2 said:

    Well there wasn't any spaces when we got there, we drove round and round.  My husband can squeeze in the smallest of parking spaces but there weren't any.  We were fairly early for the event too. We ended up parking down the side road in a car park but when we came out we weren't sure if we should have parked there.  I think the car park we parked in was for something else. 

    Swimming baths by the sound of it.

  7. On 02/06/2019 at 18:43, Chez2 said:

    We went to an event there last year. We went to the matinee rather than the evening. It was a nightmare to find parking. Public transport is out of the question where we live and a taxi there and back would be really expensive. 

    There is parking on just about every side street within walking distance.

  8. On 30/01/2019 at 17:00, geared said:

    Didn't the last place die off due to lack of interest in artificial ski and snowboarding slopes??

    It was superceeded by the stuff in Castleford and Manchester. I went once towards the end of its life and to say it was dangerous would be an understatement. Poorly maintained.

    On 06/03/2019 at 21:03, Albert smith said:

    The resident new age travellers who have resided at Parkwood Springs for many years are to be evicted from their Holme  later this year . 

    It seems as though big business has cast its eye on the site once again and backed by our caring Council have decided that the resident  folk who live a care free life in their buses, caravans and  lean to mixtures of corrugated self build dwellings are a blot on the land scape who will be in the way of any profit making venture that will arise on the site be it ski slopes or other out door activity.

    The residents harm no one, they are in a small corner at the top of the site that could  be (is) screened off from the main area ,why do our planners and so called socialists Council behave in a way that ruins the lives of of folk who for whatever reason prefer to live a free and different life.

    They can stay if they buy the land. It's how the system works, I'm afraid.


    15 hours ago, abbeyedges said:

    I always thought the system worked well.


    Major roads into Sheffield - Abbeydale Road, Chesterfield Road (through Woodseats), Ecclesall Road don't allow for a dual carriage way system. 


    The Queens Road system seemed an effective alternative. 

    Works brilliantly. Have seen a  few people, presumably not local, get it wrong and drive in the wrong lanes but makes perfect sense to keep it. I've never once seen anyone maintaing it and have driven up there every day for 11 years.

    1 hour ago, smithy266 said:

    You cannot put a price on the frustration of motorists...just another ploy to keep motorists away from the city. These ideas are thought up by those who don't even drive probably

    Motorists should be detered from driving wherever possible but should be done by improving other options not by making car travel less efficient.

  10. On 02/09/2017 at 15:07, ANGELFIRE1 said:


    It's always amazed me why any one would want their intimate "bits" mutilated with small lumps of metal. Still each to their own, if it makes them happy.



    Each to their own once you've commented and passed judgement.

    On 02/09/2017 at 16:42, pattricia said:


    Strange isn't it ? If they don't find a reputable piercer , they could end up with an infection in the piercing.

    But they probably won't.

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