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  1. I am putting an end to this. Please stop bothering my son and I his Dad does not remember you and is not interested. The salvation army have better things to spend their time and money on.
  2. What about donating it https://m.facebook.com/cherishedgowns We are always looking for wedding, bridesmaid and prom dresses to we can continue the work we do. I have been and collected a beautiful wedding dress up from a generous bride in Sheffield today and have another to collect Tuesday x
  3. I am involved with a great cause Cherished Gowns For Angel Babies UK we de construct wedding dresses and make them into gowns for babies born to soon. These gowns are made into packs along with a blanket , hat/bonnet and bootees. These packs are then sent to hospitals. We are always looking for people to knit, crochet or sew, so if you can spare a little time please get in touch. Thank you x [email=https://m.facebook.com/cherishedgowns]https://m.facebook.com/cherishedgowns[/email]
  4. I am involved with a great group called Cherished Gowns For Angel Babies UK. We are on the look out for donations of wedding, prom and bridesmaid dresses. The dresses are de constructed and made into burial gowns for babies born to early. The gowns are made into packs along with a blanket, hat/bonnet and bootees and given to hospitals. Please take a couple of minutes to visit our page. Thank you x [email=https://m.facebook.com/cherishedgowns]https://m.facebook.com/cherishedgowns[/email]
  5. No Im still here plodding along. I work mon-fri so can only do wk ends.
  6. Scoobz I will get my bum into gear this year and join one of the walks
  7. Hello Melthebell long time no speak, hope you are well, you have only just caught me Im off to bed.
  8. I know all this,as I pointed out earlier it is part of my job to call for children for their immunisations, but I do think there will be a time where it will return and there will be a mass panic to immunise.
  9. Ive not been on here in along while and I must say dont know if I will be back. There was a time you could post and have a good discussion, but now I feel there are people who just want an argument or a dig at someone, a shame really cos it use to be a friendly, supportive community.
  10. I KNOW that but they also have a right to refuse immunisations which i DONT agree with
  11. Part of my job is to send for children for their immunisations, I must say we have very few whos parents refuse, but in this country it is a parents right to refuse and there is nothing we can do. I did a report last week and we have very few who have not had their MMR, some years ago alot did refuse but with time have come round and allowed their children to have it. I dread to think in years to come when there will be a mass panic regarding TB now that we dont immunise against it.
  12. No I live on a very quiet road, and it doesnt have to be a bad area for this to happen its the stupid people who do it
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