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  1. If he likes curry you could go to akbars on meadowbank road. Ask for the chefs challenge, it's a huge pot of really nice curry with chicken, mince and lamb. Also comes with a huge plate of rice and a massive nan bread. It's supposed to be for 1 person and if you can eat it all you get a free dessert but it's huge and never been done. It only costs £11.95 and me and the Mrs always get one to share. Same with the Icecream, the dearest thing is the drink we get at £3 each. But you can have free water if you like as loads do due to the fact many Asians don't drink alcohol. Coke is £2. Not sure if this applys to the one in town.
  2. theirs a place on tylor street at the bottom of wincobank but i cant remember what its called, its a lot cheaper than machine mart though.
  3. sometimes just moving the seat back and forth a couple of times can make it go out especialy on mondeos
  4. N Fulwood & sons on munsbrough lane, kimberworth, rotherham. these are the guys who have a stall in rotherham market on a saturday. really cheap. go to the bottom half of munsbrough lane though as its in 2 parts, also not far away is the one on the end of clough road. not as good but its only 10 mins away so you might as well have a look
  5. thanks gerry, its a long shot but do you know if it would be good enough to grow veggies in
  6. thanks very much, i've text him and waiting a reply
  7. hi all, this year im going to do all my growing in tubs/pots or growbags wheres the cheapest place to get some or am i better off getting a bulk/ton bag
  8. hi all, my 1st post on the gardening section,(didnt know sf had one) anyway i got a type of wick type thingy off ebay, i think its called a aromaglow but its supposed to to be a centre piece for dining tables (weddings and such) but its great for the greenhouse. i half fill a pint pot with water and then top it up with veggi oil and light the wick. it stays lit all night and most of the next day, and if you use old veggi oil its almost free to use. also when the oils burned away it just goes out in the water
  9. you aint got a prayer mate, people only change em when their knackered and the chances of getting some to fit straight into your window spaces are nil to none. If you can get someone to fit you a new one say once a month it might work out better for you and at least you'll have em for next winter
  10. i once did a quote for a really old lady for a fence, after measuring up i told her i would take it home, work it out and pop it in the post for her, the poor old dear then asked me ''shall i pay for it now'' i tried to explain to her that i hadn't worked it out yet and that it would be with her in a couple of days but she didn't understand. i asked her if she had any family to which she replied that she hadn't. all i could think of at the time was to tell her to get a friend to look at her quotes and advise her what to do. i never heard from her again but did wonder if someone came along and took advantage of her confused state
  11. check out ukbreakaways.com & get them to send you a brochure, they have some really cheap deals, eg newquay, aug 31st, 7 days, dinner bed & breakfast £260, cheaper than a caravan. go on treat yourself, you deserve it, plus in a hotel you get to talk to other people as well, the hotel is the glendevor but theres many more. i would urge anyone who holidays in the uk to send for this brochure, ive used it a couple of times and ive never been disappointed.
  12. too true, divide & conquer. its work all over the planet. in every ''democracy'' in the ''free'' world as well as the dictatorships, its how were kept in place.
  13. i mean labour not the policies lol
  14. what even now after all this time, if they were so bad why didnt labour change them when in power, are they that really stupid
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