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  1. Hi Metalman, there is probably 300-400 CD's of mixed genre anything from The Jam, The Police, Natasha Bedingfield BBC Live Lounge etc.
  2. Many thanks butlers, I will look at these. Regards N
  3. Hi all, I'm in the process of moving and being ruthless in sorting out what comes and what goes. We have decided that the extensive CD and DVD collection is to go, I don't really want to mess around selling them individually or going through one of the sites like Magpie or CEX etc., I'd rather sell the lot to someone who will come and collect them. Anyone know where I might find someone? I did run a search on the forum but either I'm not using the search feature properly but I couldn't find anything. Many thanks in advance for your help. N
  4. Hi swarfendor437, Unfortunately not, I've not yet figured it out but have more time to look at it today, so will do that. Thanks for your help N
  5. Hi there, I have 2 columns as follows: Column 1 Improbable Improbable Improbable Improbable Improbable Remote Remote Remote Remote Remote Possible Possible Possible Possible Possible Probable Probable Probable Probable Probable Certainty Certainty Certainty Certainty Certainty And Column2 None Negligible Minor Major Significant None Negligible Minor Major Significant None Negligible Minor Major Significant None Negligible Minor Major Significant None Negligible Minor Major Significant Equals Column3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 2 3 1 2 2 3 3 1 2 3 3 3 I hope it makes sense, but for example, if we take: Improbable & None = 1; Remote & Major = 2; Possible & Significant = 3; What I'm trying to achieve is a RAG outcome, so the value of C1 & You've gotta cook like you don't need the elixir! Plan like you've never failed! Attack like no one is watching! It's gotta come from the heart if you wanna win! Neo x would equate to either, Red, Amber or Green Any help greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  6. Hi all, I am trying to create an Ideas Wheel as seen in the link, but I cannot find any templates in any of the Microsoft products. Has anyone come across this, or know either where I can download a template for Word or the MS Office app, or how to create it in an MS Office app? It could also be known as a Radial InfoGraphic or Onion Diagram Many thanks in advance N.
  7. Thank you _lecro_, I couldn't quite get it to work as well as he did in the video, but manage to do it in conjunction with the eraser got what I wanted. N
  8. Hi all, I have a picture that I want to fade (feather) the bottom of it so it blends in to the page nicely. I have PS CS6 but have not used it in years so basically forgotten everything. Can any one suggest how I do this. It is for a banner stand so the image is prettyy large. Many thanks N
  9. Hi all, Thanks for everyone’s input it was very useful and saved me a bill from BT, I managed to connect my old home hub which is working fine, the smart hub still won’t work, so somehow it got fried when the lightning struck, I now need to try to get a new hub from BT. Many thanks N
  10. Thanks will try this later and let you know how I get on. ---------- Post added 27-07-2018 at 17:24 ---------- I ran an online diagnostics with them, which said there were no faults detected with the line, I have not actually spoken to anyone at BT though. I have fibre with a Smart Hub which does not need a filter. This is a good shout and whilst I have not upgraded recently I do have a smart hub, I will set the old modem up with all the other paraphernalia that came with it. The phone is working fine. Thank you for ll your helpful comments
  11. Hi all, Last night there was an amazing lighting strike near my home, the flash and boom were practically instantaneous and I've never heard it so loud, I did check the house to make sure it hadn't hit us but could see no damage caused outside. However, we now have no broadband, at first the box was off completely (BT Smart Hub) no light, no life at all, I checked all fuses etc., and only the hub was affected, fortunately I still had the old hub so I plugged this in with the same result, no life, i then switched the power supply and life was once again revised to the hub, but the lights just flash orange then purple then orange in a continuous cycle. I've been through the online BT diagnostics without success and they say the next step is to call an engineer. However if the fault is not a BT one it will cost me £130. To this end, does anyone know what else I can check to make sure before getting a BT engineer to look? Many thanks N
  12. Hi SgtDave, Many thanks for your reply, it is column B I'm not sure about, how would I enter 12d 6hrs in to column B, how would it be formatted? If I format it as dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm I wouldn't be able to just put in 12d 6hrs. This is where I am falling down. Many thanks N ---------- Post added 12-03-2018 at 08:18 ---------- Hi cgksheff, Many thanks for your reply, I am using a full calendar, 24/7/365, Regards N
  13. Hi Swarfendor43, Many thanks for your reply, I had a look at these and to be honest I'm after something a lot more basic. Something like: 1). Start date and time Enter the day and time the project was started; 2). Days to completion (enter the number of days and hours it will take to finish, this is known beforehand) 3P. Estimated time of completion (Calculated from above fields) Regards N
  14. Hi all, I'm looking for a way to make a basic project management tool in Excel, basically all I want it to do is tell me a completion time and date from the initial date/time entered. e.g. I have something that will take 1 day 12 hours to complete, I start it on the 6th March at 9:30am (06/03/2018 09:30:00), so the completion date would be as follows: 07/03/2018 21:30:00 But it would need to deal with if it were just 4hrs for example too. Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks in advance N
  15. Hi all, I have three tables of numbers: JD1 800 JD2 850 JD3 900 JD4 950 JD5 1000 JD6 1050 JD7 1110 JD8 1170 NQ1 14% NQ2 17% NQ3 21% NQ4 25% LT1 300 LT2 330 LT3 360 LT4 390 LT5 450 LT6 510 LT7 570 What I am after is a way of asking someone to enter their codes then the formula calculates the result. e.g. if the inputer enters JD = 5, NQ = 1 and LT = 3 the formula will calculate this as (1000*14%)+360=500, so the inputer will be asked what value JD, then NQ then LT and it will look up what is input in each table to create the formula (JD*NQ+LT) and the result. Is this possible in excel? Many thanks
  16. Hi all, We need to find someone to repair our leather sofa, I have done a search and even contacted the recommendations, but as the posts were 4 years old, I’ve had no luck. Our sofa has received some damage to the internal wooden fram, to the extent the seating part has now sunk. Can anyone recommend a good person or company that could help with this? Many thanks N.
  17. Has Sarah's changed ownership? I use her all the time, but, never been there, however recently I've noticed a difference the last few times I've used them.
  18. Hi The Mush, My fault and it was the A1&":"&B1 part as this is what it said in all my formulas, once I'd changed it to the correct cell reference it worked. So many thanks for that it is exactly what I want now. Regards Nick
  19. Thanks The Mush, This is how I want it to deal if there is a 0 however the above formula just gives me : and no numbers at all, would it be this part ,A1&":"&B1? Many thanks for your help Nick
  20. Yes, this was the problem I was having altus, it's why I needed to find a better solution. ---------- Post added 16-08-2015 at 13:19 ---------- This done the trick, there is still a minor problem with it if I am dealing with 0, it then gives the #Div/0! error, but for the purposes I need I can deal with this unless you know a fix for this to shoe e.g. 0:1 etc., But great and many thanks Regards Nick
  21. Hi all, I'm trying to set a column up that shows the ratios of 2 cells, e.g. A B C 10 5 2:1 5 15 1:5 I can get it to do the first one by using this method: =ROUND(A1/B1,0)&":"&B1/B1 But I can't figure out how to get it if the number in the B column is greater to show the ratio as 1:2; Is there a way to do this or not? Many thanks N.
  22. Hi enntee, I thought this was a great idea, however when I added it as a watermark it still seems to add it to the header, which can still be selected and moved if people want to add/amend the header or footer. I will continue to look at it. Many thanks N. ---------- Post added 30-03-2015 at 10:07 ---------- Hi Stimpy, Many thanks for these recommendations, I've checked them both out and neither do what I want them to do, the first one is what I do currently and the problem is when people want to add additional details to the header or footer. The second option whilst preventing them from messing with the image, it completely prevents them from amending/adding to the header or footer. I will continue my search, I'm sure there must be a way. Regards N.
  23. Sorry for jumping on the back of this topic, but it is something that has been playing on my mind recently. I use DropBox to store all my work as I have three computers I need to access it from. At present I don't use any encryption but feel I should, is there a way that I can setup encryption that runs in the background that I can just forget about? For example, DropBox places a folder on each computer, can I encrypt this folder on one, have the encryption software on each computer and seamlessly access the files and folders, read write and create new files without having to do anything else in the way of encryption? Many thanks N.
  24. Hi All, I've created a letterhead template in word with the company logo and footer as an A4 image so it takes up the whole page (positioning it where it should be) this is placed in the header as I thought it would be out of the way from interference. However, people want to add things in the footer, page numbers etc., but when they go to do this the image causes them problems. Is there a way to lock an image in word so that nobody can move it, select it or it doesn't get in their way when adding page numbers etc., Any and all help greatly appreciated. N.
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