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  1. thanks for your help,will check those and will give them a call as i got my computer off them and try and give it a go with it all and see how i get on with it, thanks
  2. no idea what the first line meant i have a 38" tv as my monitor, budget i guess would be under £100 if possible,yeh im good online as long as i know what im looking for, thanks
  3. hi all,thank you for your reply's, im not very good with fitting computers but i suppose ive never really tried,just stayed away,its a fairly new tower and only want to get better graphics out of a few games,not a pure gaming machine as its my work computer too,i was going to buy the new sim city but though i better not as it might not work,ill get a card and try and fit it myself,any ideas on a good solid one to get? or is that too random? thank you ---------- Post added 23-08-2013 at 09:26 ---------- o yes my specs are: processor-intel pentium cpu g630 2.70ghz ---------- Post added 23-08-2013 at 09:26 ---------- memory 4gb, 64 bit system, not great but good for what i use it for really
  4. Hello, Just wondering if any of you can recommend a good computer shop that i can take my PC to and have a graphic card fitted,plus i need to buy one from there too, thanks for your help.
  5. hi, Does anyone know a good instructor that is in heeley? thank you
  6. Hi, Does anyone know of a part time course to learn welding? i cant do full time as im not a school leaver. and cant find anything, trying to change my career completely and its not easy. thanks
  7. i just bought one off ebay, best bet i think. where are you studying this?
  8. yep its the sheffield steel roller girls, they practice there every week, the second home match is on the 29th which does feature a mens bout too, great game to watch and is slowly getting the notice it deserves. get yourselves down, its not as violent as it used to be, my 9yr old girl loves it.
  9. fusion on devonshire street is your best bet, had mine since day one and they were the first to stock them in sheffield, and they are an independent, not a crappy big chain store!
  10. try the alternative store in the forum shops, been there for ages, better than that blue banana!!
  11. they are an amazing breed, very lovable but can bit a little stubborn, if you need any help just drop me a line, i have one called betty.
  12. mr davenport was ace, but scary at the same time, anyone remember the nicholsons?
  13. hay 2011, what did you do with it?
  14. have a wii and its not reding the disks, anyone know where to take it to get fixed? thanks
  15. Warehouse wanted near devonshire street area, aroun300-1000 sq ft give of take. please let me know what sizes and prices you have if possible. needed in the next few weeks ish. thank you
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