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  1. You need to factor in the wait times tankersley has over a 10 year wait time I’m a ticket holder and I’d pay triple what I pay now
  2. If your desperate at weekends jolleyes and I think pets at home sell them but day old chick have very little nutrition in them compared to a rat pup of equal size. If your snake doesn’t seem to take anything other than chicks you can defrost the rat pup in the same bag and usually the scent transfer is enough to confuse them into taking the rat.
  3. Slow worms don't grow that big. I used to help out with rspca reptile call outs but haven't done it for a few years I'm not sure if they just call out third party's out now.
  4. You can do it yourself with some good strong side nail clippers just do it a little at a time and then take off sharp edges with a fine emery board
  5. That looks like a boa that's covered in mud and at this temp would be very cold and sluggish. I'd be surprised if it has eaten as it would struggle to digest any food let alone catch it. The snake will have gone down the hole for security and to feel safer.
  6. I bought a fish tank a couple of months ago and a friend gave m some fancy tailed guppys and we set up our little tank and was really happy watching them swim around and do what they do. Now they have bred and bred we were told that they would eat the fry and the numbers would keep down however these haven't and we have a fish explosion. So we need a second tank to separate the males and females all I need is a tank with a lid as I have the rest of the things I need. Obviously I would pay for the tank I don't expect it for free so please pm me if you have one knocking around and I will come and collect asap. ---------- Post added 21-01-2017 at 14:10 ---------- Also if you have your own tank and would want some guppies in part ex I've got loads.
  7. Is it a straight up and Down or does it have the curve at the top if that makes sense. I might not see replies on here but if you ok me I will get them it is for my elderly mother in law who needs a hip and 2 knees so she can get up and downstairs. Many thanks
  8. Looking for some help with locating some grab handles As we have my elderly mother in law coming for Christmas and she needs handles to get through the front door and up our stairs. The problem is ones I have seen are fairly expensive especially as they are only going to be in place for a maximum of 3 days. Any ideas welcome
  9. +1 for Witcher 3 Also you may wish to look at the dragon age series the back story is immense and so immersive you could take years to complete fully.
  10. There's a user on here called karlpetchip did both my dogs in home and was really good and cheap.
  11. Pet shop / supplies on cricket inn road best price around and they do white or brown and they also sell additives by weight you want too
  12. More than likely an infection. Reptiles don't always show illness in then same way warm blooded animals do but the fact that it stopped eating was a sign that it wasn't happy with something. There isn't much you can do now but if you decide to get another I would do a full strip of the viv and clean with a good disinfectant and allow it to dry well and air any fumes before you put another snake or lizard in
  13. Would get a shock at mine confronted by 3 German Shepherds and a staffy
  14. We switched from xbox to playstation on the release of the ps4 and haven't looked back. My stepson has the xbox one and I'm not overly impressed with it.
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