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  1. i rung today pt and they told me they didnt, i really am stuck
  2. Thanks tryed these but it needs to have a leg rest on it and they do not have any of these, i find it unbelievable the hospital hasnt 1 at all
  3. Urgentl needed to borrow a wheelchair suitable for a 5yr old, can collect and would be greatly appreciated as child can not move off settee without 1, tryed red cross childrens hospital all with no luck
  4. Two week ago Friday 21st Sept 2007 A porta cabin was broken into at local school.The thieves stole Playstation 2 and a digital safe containing over £500 pound ! This money had been raised to help the pupils at school with extra activities and now the pupils at school will suffer has the funds to support these activities have been STOLEN !! The safe as to be somewere it is a black/grey safe and can be seen in argos.Also the money was all in change from £1 coins to 50s,20s,10ps we are desperate to try and find out any information at all concerning this theft as i have stated it was MONEY TO HELP CHILDREN !!!!!! And now these pupils have to miss out on activities they loved so much as we havent the funds to carry on. Any information can be passed on to PC 989 AT MOSS WAY POLICE STATION OR TONY TURNER AT BANKWOOD PRIMARY SCHOOL :mad:
  5. Could anyone tell me if they ave ever been to 1 of these events please.A group of us is shortly going and im starting to wish i had never booked as i have heard that it is really haunted.I at first thought it just be a laugh but seems the place is genuinley haunted anyone no over this place ?
  6. Does anyone no of cheap minibuses to go to skegness sat 18th august returning WEEK LATER
  7. just heard someone was raped in the woods
  8. Load of crap overend rd is great i live here not my friends and i cant remember last time i saw the police been called or youths hanging around talk about what you no not what you here
  9. Our school were my children go run a healthy tuck shop twice a morning,and also a tuck shop with sweets after school which is the parents choice weather they buy sweets or not but during the school day it is healthy
  10. I was stating a fact wasnt meaning it any other way. And our children are normal weight under if anything and have a proper diet but also with items such as cheese strings,sausage rolls along with fruit and yogurt.Why should all children pay for the lazy obese parents and children
  11. As this goverment gone power crazy ? Recieved letters today now stating new laws over what children can and cant eat from september.BANNED are sausage rolls,cheese strings,cereal bars,fruit flakes,biscuits,cordial,flavoured water,fish fingers,prok pies plus lots more.Each school as the right to confiscate food from a childs packed lunch if does not meet the guide lines of the new laws i personally think if we pack our children up with items such as sandwich,fruit yoghurt and a chocolate bar is our choice.The school cook also has had to remove all items off the school menu and replace with rice,pasta and things children will not eat and go hungry then surely there work will suffer !!!! I would also like to no if this rule applies to muslims etc as if our children are forced to eat by these laws surely it should mean every child or will religion stop them again ?:loopy:
  12. Wanted to rent a 3 bed caravan in ingoldmells for 1 week
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