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  1. I'm not sure what powers PCSOs have or how much they are paid to risk serious injury, but don't you have the right to make a citizens arrest if you are certain these idiots were breaking the law? I bet the police would have come to your help very speedily.
  2. This made me laugh out loud! Legalising crime is exactly the same as legalising drugs. Both would lead to people wanting more. Maybe the government could come up with a fairer policy. GPs could issue "crime vouchers" to people who feel they would suffer stress or illness if they were not allowed to commit crimes. They would need 2 doctors to agree that a crime voucher was needed, although after a few years it would turn into Crime Vouchers on demand.
  3. I bet Farage is embarrassed about the current leader's support for the Robinson idiot. When he was UKIP leader he made a big point of pretending there was a difference between his party and BNP and EDL. That false claim has been destroyed now.
  4. What about voting age? Some loonies want to give children the vote. Should the voting age be increased from 18 to 21?
  5. Does Scripted even know what a Lord Mayor does? Why does his job matter? He's going to be opening events, engaging with the public, and doing a few speeches. Why does he need to be a manager of a big company to do his job well? I now live in a small town in the Peak District. Last year's Lord Mayor had never been an MP, never been a councillor, never held a high position in any company. He was extremely popular and did a very good job. The only differences between him and Majid are skin colour and age!
  6. You repeatedly call him a moron but also repeatedly refuse to answer questions on why you consider him to be a moron. You're only answer is repeatedly referring to him being black. I don't live in his ward, but your claim that the voters only voted for him because he's black is very offensive. I know you're not racist (because you've said you're not:|) but you are sounding just a tiny bit racist.
  7. You are the one obsessed with skin colour. He is one of six Green Party councillors and it is their turn to have a Lord Mayor. Which of the other five do you prefer, and why?
  8. He seems to be a very popular Lord Mayor so far apart from on SF and certain other white supremacist forums. I don't think I've ever seen this forum so right wing and racist as it has become recently. Some of the current posters make Roy James look like a raving loony socialist!
  9. When I die I want any organs that can be recycled to go to someone else. After that, make the rest into meat to be served in a restaurant and spare one or two poor animals who are still alive from suffering a very unpleasant and barbaric death at the abattoir! Longpig is supposed to a very tasty alternative to pork!
  10. I have always loved the Smiths and Morrissey and agreed with him on many of his controversial issues (for example, the torture and killings of animals for food, including religious torture rituals practised by various religions). However, he has gone too far with his support for Robinson. Robinson already had a suspended sentence and then broke the law again. He is an obnoxious, far right, racist, violent individual. So yes, Morrissey has appeared to support the far right. I don't know if I would go to see him in concert again. I would probably not.
  11. He put in a transfer request. Wilder wants a squad who want to play for the Blades. He may end up like Kyle Walker or he may end up like Jordan Slew. If a player is determined to leave, I wouldn't want them to stay and disrupt the team spirit. Hopefully Wilder will be given 50p from the deal to spend on a new signing.
  12. I agree, but I meant free to use. It'll be paid for by advertising or council tax I expect.
  13. The Smiths will remain famous even if you don't like them. Over 20 years after they split up david Cameron claimed to be a smiths fan (even though he couldn't name any of their songs) because he wanted to be "cool". Johnny Marr was offended, as Cameron was a supporter of animal torture and was trying to reverse the ban on legally hunting foxes.
  14. The owner of this forum has decided to remove my reply, which is his right as it is a privately owned forum.
  15. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/what-is-halal-meat-the-big-questions-about-religious-slaughter-answered-9331519.html I think some people are over-defensive of anything to do with Islam because they don't want to be racist. I criticise things I disagree with, including cruel religious practices, and have campaigned against racist groups like the BNP. I remember attending a meeting where Mel shook hands with a BNP candidate but I refused! If Morrissey were to criticise Islam over FGM, would you all be rushing to defend radical Muslims and insisting we should burn his records? Cruelty is cruelty, whether it is done by atheists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, or anyone else.
  16. Well, maybe not exempt from laws but the laws can't be changed because it would offend them even though animal welfare organisations and MP committees have accepted its unecesarily cruel. So laws can't be changed to prevent animal suffering because it would offend radical Muslims. Would you support a change in the law to allow Jews to sacrifice animals because the Torah advocates it? ---------- Post added 07-06-2018 at 23:12 ---------- The group of idiots have a relatively new name of ISIS, but radical Muslims have been killing infidels for centuries. It just hasn't affected us in the UK so much until recently. I don't think it really matters if radical Muslims go by the name of ISIS or belong to other less famous groups.
  17. Perhaps Morrissey was making the point that if Islam is a kind and peaceful religion they wouldn't adhere to old religious ideas of torturing animals. I wonder how you would feel if Jews insisted on a legal right in the UK to slaughter animals as sacrifices as is advocated in the Torah. Any follow (of any religion) who is RADICALISED enough to demand to be except from animal welfare laws deserves to be criticised.
  18. Yuck! I hope won't be signing him... Have you heard how much the owls are offering to pay us to take him off their hands? I heard the owner is getting worried about how many seats he takes up for the price of one season ticket.
  19. Why not keep academy players but just refuse to allow them to play? The owls way!
  20. Over the last 20 years I've lost 5 good friends due to this. Another issue is debt. Most people who can't afford their own home have to pay very high rents to private landlords. They also have to pay high council tax bills. Although they shouldn't, many men feel it is their responsibility to pay rather than sharing it with wife or partner. I don't know how people on benefits cope. Their benefits have been cut enormously since 2010, while bills have gone up enormously at the same time!
  21. More hallmark days we get pressured into spending money on. I would love to go back to the basics... birthdays, Christmas, wedding anniversary and maybe even mothering Sunday.
  22. I heard a transfer rumour today. A new iron-on transfer owls badge has been ordered for the outside of the stadium as the blu tak failed to keep the last badge up.
  23. If the public overwhelming chooses the BBC there is nothing to worry about. Bring in a subscription fee for people who want it. Your precious BBC will still be funded but people who want to pay for sky sports could opt out.
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