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  1. It wasn't stolen with the keys. Access was gained by removing the passenger quarterlight window. I have no idea how they started it. I was in the whole time and didn't hear anything.
  2. My van was stolen from my driveway in Gleadless Townend S12 some time last night (14/02/16) between 6 and 9pm. It is a silver Ford Transit, registration CE10SXG. High roof, long wheelbase (not Jumbo.) Distinguishing features are a "Darwin" fish on the back door, and LED side lights at the front which have a slightly purple hue. If spotted, please call the police.
  3. What area was this in? I had the spare wheel stolen off my Transit last night in S12. I heard something about 1am and kept looking out of the window, but obviously they were under the van so I didn't see them. Totally gutted I didn't get up and go out to investigate properly. Time to invest in some CCTV I think.
  4. I will never buy from Currys again after having a terrible experience with their Crystal Peaks store. Not surprised they are on Watchdog all the time. Their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced and the manager I spoke to was very rude and patronising. I was genuinely shocked by how rude she was and the tone of her voice suggested that I was a complete imbecile for wanting my 6 week old, faulty satnav exchanged for a working one. I ended up having to repair it myself. Never, ever again.
  5. Gutted, I missed it by 10 minutes! Has anyone uploaded a video yet?
  6. Sismans on the Wicker would be my first port of call - we needed a new belt for a 35 year old Jackson tumble dryer and they had exactly the right one on the shelf.
  7. I've seen a plate for sale which I think would look great on my van and would hopefully make people smile. My van is signwritten to say "Andy's Van" and the plate I want is WH05 VAN... Only problem is my current van is an 04 plate so I can't have it! The best plate in Sheffield was PEN 15 but I don't know if it's around any more.
  8. We are looking for someone to quote us for replacing our old soil pipe with a new plastic one. I think the pipe we have at the moment is a cast iron one, although I have been told that it might be asbestos? We need it done as quickly as possible because B&Q are coming to fit a new bathroom in a couple of weeks and we would like to get it done before they start. If you can reccomend anyone for the job, or can give us a quote yourself, please leave a reply. Cheers, Andy Edit to add... I've just realised I've posted this in the wrong section... Perhaps a kind moderator could move it for me?
  9. I'm stuck on Vodafone for another 3 months. Can't wait to change network, my signal at home is terrible. My mate is on Orange and always has full signal, so I'm going to give them a try next time.
  10. I love classic and retro vehicles but for an everyday business van I'd say go new, otherwise it will cost you a fortune in fuel, repairs, and lost business while it's being fixed! You can make a new van stand out by getting it vinyl wrapped with some good designs, and you could also consider having a new van for everyday use and a retro one for special occasions.
  11. Lucky people in Grenoside! I wish they would put another phone mast up near me, my signal at home is terrible!
  12. It's called Boot's Folly, and according to wikipedia it was built in 1927! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strines_Reservoir#Boot.27s_Folly
  13. I should add that not all freeview boxes have the RF output, but it can still be done - If you have a VCR, you can connect the freeview to the VCR through scart, and connect the VCR to the telly through the RF (all VCRs have an RF output.) Then you can watch freeview through the VCR.
  14. You just need a freeview box with an RF out, which connects to the aeriel socket on the TV. You can then tune the telly in to the freeview box.
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