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  1. Thanks for replys, unfortunately my husband didn't like it, I suppose we are at a disadvantage as we don't know the area. Whilst we were viewing there were a couple of insightlys on mopeds razzing up and down the rd. The house itself was lovely, needed a bit of painting but an easy fixer upper. I'm gutted my husband turned it down :0( I am definately looking at high green area though it seems nice to me. Can you tell me which roads are a definate no no pls? I wouldn't want anything on green gate I know that much x
  2. Hi, Looking at a house on the rd mentioned just wondered what anyone who knows the areas opinion is pls. It's a very small road just behind the shops on main rd. Ideally want somewhere quiet where there is very little trouble. I live in hillsborough at the mo, altho I like the area we have nightmare neighbours (noisy druggies) and live across from a pub, which at times is very noisey. Would like to stay local but not a lot if choice re homes wise, this house at high green as come out if the blue, but unfamiliar with area. Constructive feedback welcomed pls :0) This would be a massive upheaval for my family so I need to know I'm making the right choice! Thanks in advance
  3. I was just looking at those houses on sheffield property shop. I'm from hillsborough so it would be a total move, can anyone tell me what the area is like, schools shops etc. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Wallbuilder, Thanks for the reply, I have kept diary sheet logs for the last 12 months or so, they have all been submitted to the housing association and environmental health. We finally had the monitoring equipment put in at the weekend, but by law the environmental health team have to inform the tenants before hand that there is going to be equipment out in. So therefore we had an unsuccessful weekend of recording as she packed up and went to her mums for the weekend! Arrggghhh We both live in HA properties, and I do keep complaining to the housing but I get the response you have to prove it, its your word against them! How can we get the evidence if they are told prior to them recording? Of course they will be quiet!! The constant battling and complaining is draining the energy out of me.
  5. Hi, Thank you for your reply. The person who lived there before was an old couple who have moved in to a care home. We are corner plot so therefore have no immediate neighbours to ask (strange layout and very difficult to explain. We also live adjacent to a pub which is also getting increasingly noisy and we have incidents where fighting occurs outside. Although the housing have been helpful up until a point all I hear from them and the police is its my word against there's unless I can prove it. I have provided the police with photo evidence of the drug exchange outside our house, the car registration numbers of the drug dealers and they say this is still not enough evidence, they have to catch them in the act. Unless they are willing to sit outside my property all day then there is little chance they will catch them. I am just so fed up off complaining and feel down all the time. I hate going home as I am constantly wondering what is going to happen tonight. I just want to live in a happy healthy environment and keep myself to myself.
  6. Right here goes (Apologies in advance if this is a long winded post) I'm really stuck in a rut at the moment. We moved in to a large 3 Bed property around 18 months ago. The property is a Housing Association property. We took the house on even though it require extensive work doing, we were so desperate to move as we were overcrowded at our previous property. Everything was fine at first. After about 4 months we soon realised our neighbours had quite a drink and drug habit, which was starting to lead to very antisocial behaviour, banging screaming shouting at all hours in the night. One night it was very bad, I cannot begin to describe the noises coming from next door. After having no sleep all night a 6am I went and knocked on the door and said I'm not sure what is going on but could you please keep the noise down as i've not slept because of the noise. I then got a tyraid of abuse thrown at me, firstly on the doorstep and then second I was being screamed at through the wall. Needless to say the noises continued and got worse as the weeks went on. I really didn't want to be felt I had no choice but to report the noise as it was affecting our lives so much. I have young children who are listening to the screaming banging and foul language and this is not the environment I want for my children. In short all my complaining has done has started a tit for tat situation and it is becoming impossible to live at this property. I am being screamed at by my neighbours, have drug dealers turn up on the doorstep, Cannabis seeping through in to my bedroom, I get very little sleep because of the noise and I am at an all time low. I have involved the police, housing, environmental health, non of which has made the situation better, in fact its worse than ever. The housing association won't rehouse me and suggest I look for an exchange? And what do I say to someone about the reason why I want to move, I am not about to lie but if im honest they certainly won't want to move in! I cannot afford private renting and feel completely trapped! I fear my my childrens health and my unborn baby's health as I am breathing in cannabis fumes. Please... can anyone suggest or help me?
  7. Property offered- Area- Hillsborough Type of property- semi detached Number of bedrooms- 2 Landlord- Affinity Sutton Other information- I have a lovely 2 bedroom house only a 5 minute walk from Hillsborough park and shops. Close to several schools- Wisewood, Marcliffe, Hillsborough and Malin Bridge, all just a 5 minute walk away. New kitchen and central heating. New doors throughout and nicely decorated. Nice size garden and excellent neighbors both side. I live on a loveky quiet cul de sac great for kids. Property wanted- Area- will consider all areas that are not too far from Hillsborough foe example walkley Wirral Wisewood crookes etc. Type of property- house Number of bedrooms- 3 or a large 2 bed Landlord- any Other info- I desperately need to move to a bigger property, preferably 3 bed or large 2 bed (both rooms need to be double) Please contact me if interested
  8. Hi, I have a 2 bedroomed house in hillsborough, decent sized bedrooms, the double being very large. Brand new central heating, kitchen with all mod cons, Bathroom, Doors throughout, full length fitted wardrobes in master bedroom, decorated nicely throughout. Large garden with new patio and paths laid. Quiet road with middle aged neighbours both sides. Really reluctant to leave as this is super house and location but in desperate need of- 3 Bedrooms within, Hillsborough, Malin Bridge, Wisewood, Loxley, walkey, crookes (these areas are preferred) other areas may be considered. Must have garden.
  9. Can anyone tell me how I go about putting in for a mutual exchange on the william sutton estate (hillsborough/wisewood) I would like another property on the estate and currently live in a 2 bed property on a quiet road. Does anyone know if there is a list of people/address who would like a mutual exchange?? Any help would be grateful.
  10. Thank you everyone for the advice, I have booked in with Leader road garage and I will follow this up to let everyone know how I got on. Thanks
  11. How would I then have the repairs done???
  12. Do they do repairs if any are needed then?? Are there prices reasonable do you know??
  13. Hi, I am looking for a reliable and honest garage that won't rip me off. My car is due for an MOT and my dad normally deals with it for me but i no longer have that option. I would like one not too far as I rely on my car for work and such. Can anyone please recommend a garage within the s6 area?? Many thanks!
  14. Does anyone know of anywhere that does specific goalkeeper training?? My son is 8 and plays for a local team. Its run by parents and so my son has not had any kind of specific goalkeeper training and I really feel he would benefit from some. I heard that there had been some goalkeeper training at sheffield university (sports centre) but cannot find any information anywhere for this. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas that would be much appreciated
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