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  1. Thankyou verymuch for the info, its for a friend of mine, she doesnt have previous experience, she is working as a nurse at the moment and would like to move into dentistry.
  2. Can anyone give me advice on training to become a dental nurse and then a fully qualified dentist. Cheers
  3. I have a pay as you go D500 orange mobile phone, what mumbers do i ring to check the credit? Cheers
  4. Thanks very much for all your advice, I think I will do it as an hobby and see how it goes
  5. Iam interested in setting up a internet business, Im thinking about website and graphic design, webhosting reseller. Making personal mambo/joomla, xoops, droopal sites for customers. Personal forums, dateing sites, gaming sites, music libraries, auction, blogs etc. Could I make a worthwhile living out of it, say over £30,000? Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. They have them at Warwick Castle http://www.eventwise.co.uk/asp/AwayPage_019.asp
  7. I got mine, the Red Coates are back.
  8. GL note: This thread is where all your questions about maternity clothes, the best places to buy baby monitors, and answers to where to find baby shops around Sheffield can be found! Feel free to start a new thread if you can't find what you're after in here, but be aware that it'll move here eventually. Happy shopping! BC Can anyone recommend a good place to buy a babies cot for around £100, I've tried Argos but there is a 49 day wait for delivery.
  9. do you have any specific images you want on the banner and what size does it need to be?
  10. Is it possible to save an answer message to my phones voice list?
  11. I would suggest that you use a ready made template and then cusomise it to you needs, or have someone customise it. There are plenty of free ones here http://www.oswd.org/
  12. Ive sorted it out, I bought a Win TV USB at the weekend it must have done something to my movies. Cheers
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