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  1. When I took my black cab test, we had to know all the roads on the bus routes.
  2. Edna and Arthur Beal and their sons Tony and Paul.
  3. Mat , Call and visit your old child minder, she has a few photos. dido
  4. I was born in 1944, at 56, Cyclops st, we moved about 1956. Next door lived the Knowles.
  5. I was on B1 on Coronation day.The hospital had borrowed a tv from some where, a little 14 inch screen .they had to move all the beds to the bottom of the ward so that we could watch it.
  6. I went in about January, 1950, I was moved from the City General, straight onto Observation. Stayed there for about a week, then moved to B2 for about a month. Then moved onto B1. I stayed there until about 1954, then moved back to the City General. I cant remember many names, but here goes. David Spafford, Johnny Young, David Anderson, Brian Nortcliffe, Arthur Stephenson, plus me , David Dyson.
  7. I was interviewed on the Wilfred Pickles show when they broadcast from Rivelin, I believe Violet Carson ( Ena Sharples played the piano. Some of the stars who played at the Empire theatre used to put a show on at the hospital. remember Tesse O'Shea, who played the banjo, Winifred Attwell,(Piano), and of course there was also the circus.
  8. I drove for them for a short while. Fieldsend was the owner. the girl on the radio at night was called Margeret. I went to her funeral a few weeks ago.
  9. I remember Spike starting the Cubs at Rivelin, he had to get special permission from the Doctors to start the cubs.
  10. I have been across the bridge at Tattersall a few times over the past year, and have only seen one person fishing. I think there are too many carp puddles in that area and people have lost interest.
  11. Its just of Manor lane. My father always told us he went to the Duck Egg school just off Corker Bottom.
  12. That particular John Hallam now lives in Lerwick in the Shetland Isles.
  13. Mr Taffinder always wore a flat cap. I don't know how true it is, but my mother told us he never took it of, and the first time Blondie knew he was bald was on their wedding night
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