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  1. There's an app called Petrol Prices that's very useful for this. You can tailor it to your requirements wherever you are.
  2. My Astra costs about £119.00 per year at first, but then drops to about £90.00 after a few months.
  3. A George Challons worked at NCB Workshops at Fence, had a slight speech impediment.
  4. Potters of Barnsley. Sell them in Sheffield indoor market. Best pies ever.
  5. Ontarian, there's a Friends of Catcliffe Facebook page if you're interested.
  6. This was 1953, on the pit tip, pilot was called Edwards. We renamed the walk over the now grassed tip "Edwards Meteor Way"
  7. I also get the same problem, the first column is very narrow, the second too wide.!
  8. 25 or 6 to 4. Think it was around 1964 I first heard CTA at the Youth Club.
  9. Santorini, lovely little place called Atalos Villas. Family run by Giannis.
  10. Very sad news. Joined Spotify recently and listened to all the albums again, most of which I have on vinyl or cd. Way ahead of their time. Also saw Legend of a Band tribute at Rotherham Civic Theatre which brought back memories of seeing the Moodies at Sheffield Fiesta.
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