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  1. Salmon. Pastures used to be the NCB Fuel Distribution Centre!
  2. My understanding is that over ear completely cover the ears with the cup. I have two pairs of Bose, one on ear which sits on the ear, and the other covers the ears.
  3. Rhodes is nowhere near as expensive as Parga, personally I prefer Cyprus with Santorini coming a close second.
  4. Ulley is also open, you need to contact Thrybergh Country Park on 01709 850353.
  5. I started work at Fence Workshops 22nd August 1966 as an apprentice electrician. I finished 31st March 1995 when the site closed. I remember Ann Haynes from 1 Falconer worked in the canteen. Her husband Gordon was an old Treeton lad. Both are no longer with us. One of my colleagues, Steve Linley also lived on Falconer, not sure of number.
  6. Hi Max, no problem jumping in. Yes Mick Hirst is my cousin and did indeed have the Two Jays and Telmere Lodge.. He still lives in France but June sadly died a couple of years ago. Regards Alan
  7. Hi Ian, how are you? Good few years since I heard from you. Asked your Ann about you when our Mick died, didn't know about your Mick's wife being ill and then passing away . Is Betty ok?
  8. Cooperative Bank for their ethical policies.
  9. Hi RiffRaff, Tommy Eyre's dad worked at Fence Workshops as machinist!
  10. Many tributes to Frank on the Old Clubland Acts Facebook page. RIP "Old Boy"
  11. Didn't live in Aughton Ray but went to school with you. In same class as Malcolm "Pinner" Beaumont, worked with your Mark's Tenant and Residents Group. Alan Goy.
  12. There's also a Treeton Facebook site that you could try posting on. The Original Treeton News and Memories.
  13. West 77 is wrong with his statement that Caroline Flint was the MP in Maltby. It was Sir Kevin Barron who retired after representing Rother Valley for 36 years.
  14. You can buy dimmable led bulbs now, slightly more expensive. I get mine from Screwfix.
  15. There's an app called Petrol Prices that's very useful for this. You can tailor it to your requirements wherever you are.
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