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  1. Yup in for that! Count me in (Mattel) and Jen as well at the moment (commute dependant).
  2. Mattel for Tuesday please... no Jen this week though!
  3. Could include Mattel and Jen for Tuesday badminton please! Thank you!
  4. Kim if you and Mike head through to the main hall where the courts are you will find us lurking around, there should be plenty of people around so just grab the nearest player (not actually while they are playing mind!) and check it's us SFBC. Must find an image of the SFBC tops to put in this thread for anyone new to recognise players with, anyone got one? Look forward to seeing you both down on Tuesday! Mattel
  5. Can you put Matt and JEn down for Tues 2nd November? Many thanks, see you on Tues! Mattel
  6. Mattel and Jen for Tuesday 12th as well please Thanks
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