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  1. You state that the successful vaccine rollout was due to Brexit and then admit that it was up to individual states to chose their own program. Also, if remain had won the referendum Johnson wouldn’t be prime minister and we wouldn’t have had the appalling death toll due to his total lack of leadership.
  2. To say the vaccine program could not happen without Brexit is a lie and you probably know it. The European Medicines Agency has no authority over where its members order vaccines from. Indeed some EU members are currently obtaining vaccines from Russia. We were actually still members when ordering the vaccines. The outstanding success of the vaccine program is due to the magnificent organisational skills of the NHS so you have still not named a Brexit benefit. The pandemic has actually assisted the government in downplaying the disastrous consequences of Brexit so far. How can adding costs to every transaction be good for business and what is your definition of “long term”?
  3. That very objective website you refer to that describes the withdrawal agreement as the “surrender treaty” does not point to any bias in Germany’s favour. It just points out that Germany is much more successful than the UK at exports. With the UK out of the EU that gap is widening. Could you name one sector of British industry that has so far benefitted from Brexit? You seem to think that because we left on a democratic vote everybody should now stop talking about it or pretend that it’s all going great.
  4. What is your evidence for German domination. They had the same proportion of MEPs to population as the other big nations such as France, UK and Italy. The smaller nations had a much greater representation as a proportion of their population. Office for National Statistics Public sector net debt (excluding public sector banks, PSND ex) rose by £333.0 billion over the 11 months of the financial year-to-February 2021, taking it to £2,131.2 billion or around 97.5% of gross domestic product (GDP); maintaining a level not seen since the early 1960s.19 Mar 2021
  5. 55.4% of the electorate voted for parties that promised a second referendum, but that’s democracy for you in a first past the post system.
  6. Villa should have had an indirect free kick in United’s box in injury time when Henderson held on to the ball for 17 seconds.
  7. UK contributions per head of population are the 26th lowest of member states. UK contributions as a percentage of GDP are lower than every member state except Croatia and Netherlands.
  8. Once again you totally misrepresent the FFP rules. Apart from sponsorship, TV rights and match day income, turnover may also include contributions from owners. A gift from owners is not a loophole, as you claim, but a perfectly legitimate source of income which could not possibly lead to fines or embargoes. If McCabe or Abdullah wanted to put money into the club there is nothing to prevent them doing so. Stop hiding behind FFP rules!
  9. That's what I said - owner can donate cash and include it in turnover! You're agreeing with me.
  10. Salary Cost Management Protocol (SCMP) explained Clubs in the League 1 and League 2 operate within a Spending Constraint framework termed Salary Cost Management Protocol (SMCP). SCMP limits spending on player wages to a percentage of club Turnover. In League 1 clubs can spend a maximum of 60% of their turnover on wages - in League 2, the limit is 55%. There are no restrictions (in themselves) on the amount a club can lose or spend on transfer fees. Initially introduced into League 2 in 2004/5 for guidance purposes, sanctions for breaching the SCMP thresholds were introduced during the 2011/12 season, with Swindon the first club to be sanctioned under the rules. The process is interactive with clubs providing the Football League with projections for the spending for the coming season. During the season the clubs provide regular updates on their Turnover and wage bill. Any club that is forecasting a wage spend within 5% of the figure will be scrutinised more closely. Where a club is on course to exceed the limits, the Football League will apply a Transfer Embargo. Crucially, a club doesn't have to overspend to incur the embargo, it only needs to shown to be heading for an overspend. This interactive approach enables clubs to increase their wage bill if their circumstances improve - a successful cup run will generate increased income and the Football League may be able to sanction additional wage spend. Because SCMP doesn't rely on the retrospective scrutiny of club accounts, it is also extremely effective at stopping overspend before the spending actually occurs (something that has been a problem for the Championship's version of FFP). The Football League's website's explanation of the rules doesn't go into a great deal of detail about how they operate. However they have responded to enquiries and confirmed a number of areas that help us to better understand the rules. Relegated clubs The rules apply to all clubs and there is no moratorium for clubs relegated from the Championship. However, Transitional Arrangements are in place whereby clubs are allowed to exclude the wage costs of all players that the club signed pre September of the relegation season, if they were signed on contracts in excess of 3 seasons. Turnover definition Under the SCMP rules, the definition of 'Turnover' is particularly important as Turnover is used to determine the maximum wage-spend. Within a traditional accounting perspective, there are usually only three elements of turnover: •Match-day Income •Commercial Income (such as sponsorship) •TV revenue (and any 'merit payments' based on league position) However the Football League use a is broader definition of Turnover. Crucially, the FL Turnover figure includes donations from the owners to the club and injections of equity. Loans from club owners are understandably not included in the Turnover figure as these would result in growing club debts. up club debts. In League 1 and League 2, a wealthy owner can therefore fund the club spending in a way that is not permitted in other divisions. Manchester City and Leicester for example seem set for punishment for their excessive losses (from UEFA and the Championship respectively) despite the fact that the owners have injected hard cash into the club to finance the spending. Perhaps this will explain it to you and you can point out my errors which you sarcastically claimed were the most numerous in yesterday's posts.
  11. As has already been pointed out to you FFP does not play a huge part in United's ability to buy/pay players. In fact it plays no part whatsoever. In League One the wage bill is restricted to 60% of turnover. However, owners may put as much money as they like into the club and it is deemed as turnover. So the only the only restriction is the amount McCabe and Abdullah are willing to donate.
  12. So you agree with me then that Green Man was wrong to hide behind FFP restrictions.
  13. FFP wage bill rules state you may only spend a certain percentage of turnover on wages. However owners may donate as much money as they please into the club and it is deemed as turnover. So you can't use FFP as an excuse when in reality it is lack of investment by super rich owners.
  14. Villa plus two out of the other three clubs will get relegated this season, not because they're big clubs who will walk the championship next season, but because they're crap and deserve to finish behind the likes of Watford and Bournemouth. You could argue they'll make the championship weaker next season.
  15. I am not a Muslim hating bigot. Why would I be unlucky if Muslims treated me as one? How would this treatment manifest itself?
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