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  1. What a beautiful wee bird! I know to keep an eye out when walking the dog down that way now!
  2. I'm trying, I'm trying You wouldn't want a wife like me. Trust me on that. We'll just be taking off on a plane to Tenerife in exactly three weeks. Cheapo holiday as my mum's cousin has a villa out there and we decided to use some of my Grandma's insurance money to make new memories together. The place really shocked me with how lovely it is-especially off the beaten track (ie away from English people ). Hope you have a lovely time, Christmas there sounds ace, and fingers crossed your 2013 is better too!
  3. Thank you!! Yes erring on the side of caution is definitely the way to go! Congratulation S8 Blade, I'm so glad it was good news for you too! I was lucky, I had a really early appointment and was in and out before I should even have been seen. They only did an ultrasound (which hurt like hell as I was so sore, but worth it obviously!) before telling me I was clearly just a lumpy lady but to go back if anything changed again. I'm going out tonight to eat lots of Italian food and drink lots of red wine to celebrate!
  4. Thank you! Hoping 2013 brings me a HUSBAND and, almost as importantly, ( ) the chance to wear the beautiful white dress currently gathering dust at my mum and dad's!!
  5. Yeah I'm looking forward to it-after the year we've had, (my cat April-who I completely adored-died 4weeks before I lost my job due to my boss being a fraudster 2weeks before my lovely grandma died the evening before our wedding which obviously was cancelled and have had a breast cancer scare since), we are slooowly coming out the other side and I feel like me, my family and my nearly-was husband need a week of eating, drinking, relaxing and generally spending some hassle free time together. NYE is going to be fab-2012 can kiss my bum.
  6. Wow, you're all ace! Just had my mum sister and 2 year old nephew round for the morning which has taken my mind off things nicely. Ad left me with a hurricane ravaged house, and dirty looks from Tadg cat, but he's just going to have to suck it up Maddie ran outside and sat on the fence in the rain. Mardy cow. Medusa thank you-even though I know they wouldn't keep you waiting longer than was necessary its good to see in writing exactly why they take as long as they do. I'm glad everyone either had nothing to worry about or are better now-and also that, in the nicest possible way, I'm not the only one to endure a couple of weeks of this mental torture! Although a bit annoyed to find I'm perfectly normal. This is not the impression I'm usually looking to achieve
  7. Thank you everyone! Arrgghh I thought it wouldn't be anything less than a week but chuffing hell it's a loooong time to convince yourself of the worst isn't it??! I'm sure it'll be fine; I'm only 24 which the doctor says goes in my favour, although obviously family history isn't all that great. To be fair to them, it's only been a week this evening since I found the lump so they are acting a lot quicker than they used to as far as I'm aware! And as this year has been so shocking, I actually laughed when I felt it. Not a normal reaction I'm sure Beer is the way forwards for a couple of weeks I think
  8. Thanks. My God I hope I don't have the same entertainment as you-I'm happy with my Aunty/mum/fiancé's company (not sure who's coming yet) and my kindle. Plus I'm not known for putting up and shutting up when it comes to abysmal behaviour
  9. Thank you! I'm really glad that you were fine-I can imagine your relief when they told you! They have been excellent with my aunty and I'm really impressed with how they've treated me so far. I saw my GP at 2pm on Friday, and by 11.30am on Monday I had received a phone call booking an appointment for me next Monday. So quick!
  10. Usually 9. Usually I have a lovely life. It's just that in August I lost my job due to my boss being cheating, lying scum two weeks before my wedding. Then my grandma died the evening before, so it was cancelled, and now I'm having tests for breast cancer. I don't normally understand people who look forward to NYE because I thought they were wishing their lives away, but 2012 can kiss my bum. I don't even believe in luck tbh, but I sure as hell feel around the 1-1.5 mark at the moment! I'm clearly hosting a huge self pity party if anyone wants to join in!!
  11. I was going to start a thread of my own but this came up in a search. I hope everything went well for you last year funbags My aunty was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago and I accomapnied her to one of her chemo sessions so I am extra vigilant when it comes to checking myself. Last week I found a lump and have an appointment at the hospital on Monday. Obviously I'm worried but I've got my aunty to answer most questions-but one thing she can't remember is how long the results take to come back? My doctor just said if its a cyst they'll know on the day, but didn't specify how long other results might take? I appreciate its probably different for everyone, but if anyone can remember how long it took for them I'd be very grateful!
  12. Thank you everyone. My aunty and mum phoned last night to say they want to give us some of her insurance money towards the new wedding-not sure whether to accept yet but my god it's buoyed me up to know I have such a wonderful family. Although it won't cover everything we lost it will go a long way in helping! Some lovely ideas of how to remember my grandma on the day-so thank you for that Yuck at planning ANOTHER wedding though-going to have to go through RSVP hell all over again
  13. Thank you. We haven't lost EVERYTHING yet. Some suppliers have put things on hold-but only if we rearrange in the next year. Hopefully we do so otherwise that'll be six grand gone
  14. Well two weeks ago I should have become Mrs Edwards. A week before the date, my grandma went into hospital. At this point we knew she would be unable to attend. Obviously we were devastated, but pushed on with plans as she insisted, and we planned to go up to the hospital in our wedding gear in the lull between the breakfast and evening party. The day before (16th August) we were told things were bad, and to expect the worse, and soon. She passed away at 10.30pm the evening before my wedding day. She laughed and joked until an hour before she died and never knew we'd cancelled, which I am so glad about. We should have been in Scotland for a week followed by a week in Germany, and on the insistence of the family still went to Scotland, and came back just before the funeral. We want to get married as soon as possible but having lost close to £3000 (some suppliers have been excellent, others very much less so) we are giving the whole thing a while to settle in before trying to make any plans. I just understand so very little about what has happened-I was preparing my grandma's eulogy when I should have been on a train to Vienna. Feeling very, very raw at the moment. In the last few weeks my favourite cat died, I found out my boss was a conman and consequently am owed £1000 and don't have a job, and then this. I am at the end of my tether. I'm not even sure why I'm posting this, other than I know a couple of people on here will be waiting for me to update on how the day went-and I don't have a wedding day to relate back to them. Cancelling was the right decision, and I know we'll pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off soon. I have taken from this though the realisation of truly how wonderful and strong my family is, and how lucky I am to have my fiancé. Whether I am his wife or not, I am the luckiest girl in the whole world. My grandma loved him, and so do I
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