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  1. I 'm pretty sure that Jim was from Ronksley Cres, Shiregreen. R.I.P Jim.
  2. Don't know if this is what your brother had. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Yorkshire-Bible-Stories-David-Hallamshire/dp/1873634005
  3. Also on there is Keith Ellis and it's definitely Derek Wilkinson.
  4. Seeing as how we need a centre back then it as got to be Peter Swan.
  5. Never knew that Buddy Holly appeared at City Hall and what's more I can't believe I missed it. http://www.americanrocknrolluktours.co.uk/tour/buddy-holly-and-the-crickets-march-1958/
  6. Not room for everyone including Finney, Froggatt or Don Megson
  7. Saw Jim play on many occasions and he was always a good reliable player. Pity that the person in the team photo named as Jim is his brother Tom. A very poor showing by the official club site. RIP Jim McAnearney.
  8. Scorer of WBA goal was a K Smith but can't find anything about him.
  9. Ron Springett was undeniably the greatest goalkeeper to wear a Wednesday shirt. RIP Ron.
  10. Would have Mel Sterland in at No 2 and Dooley in place of Alan Finney who I thought was from Langwith in Derbyshire.
  11. One of the best both as a player and as a person. RIP Alan.
  12. As a 6 year old in 1952 I saw Derek Dooley play but unfortunately I was too young to remember much about it. RIP Derek Dooley.
  13. Even with Antonio Forest have just gone 10 matches without a win. Their last win was against Fulham on the 17th Sept.
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