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  1. I used to go in the Virgin Megastore loads, I even worked there one Xmas.
  2. It's tiresome isn't it when people complain about a lack of parking, when it's utterly untrue.
  3. People seem to conveniently forget..
  4. Dixons probably. It's a River Island now.
  5. I personally think everyone who has a drive should be forced to use it.
  6. why do people go on about 'widescreen tvs' as being the height of luxury? all TVs have been widescreen for over a decade....
  7. Wazzock

    Development at ski village

    It's not their development, it's privately funded
  8. This is getting tedious now. IT DID NOT FAIL!!!
  9. Wazzock

    Name of shop in walkley

    I miss having the shop just round the corner
  10. Wazzock

    Name of shop in walkley

    not really, but it was the first building from the end after a wall. Terence Ronald Leaper
  11. Wazzock

    Name of shop in walkley

    It was Leapers, it was my local shop It was near the Linaker Road end of Bell Hagg Road, on the flat bit.
  12. Wazzock

    Loxley sports bar and grill

    I looked through the window on my walk past last week, and it looks like it still got the same crap drinks, carling etc
  13. Actually it ISN'T what the place is about, it's about the entire industry, I wish people would do a little bit of research before commenting the moaning is quite frankly tedious and embarrassing, especially the ones about the cost
  14. There will be exhibitions and events also, so things won't stay the same.
  15. The Videogames industry was worth over 100 BILLION dollars last year, how is that a marginal or lower interest enterprise??

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