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The Christmas Logo Competition is back. See thread in Sheffield Discussions for details ×


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  1. Exactly, and it won't hurt being next to the University Art place as well
  2. I like the curved frontage, the back not so much.
  3. and the comments on here perfectly demonstrate the small town backwater mentality that pervades this forum...
  4. It's definitely open weekends, my dad is buried in there.
  5. so your answer to a waste of money is to waste even more?
  6. It is Ancient Wisdom, I work in the same business park across from them, the whole building is gutted
  7. I honestly don't think we'll get mullered by anybody
  8. Actually, DocFest is a major international attraction drawing people from all over the world
  9. Therein lies the problem. It's not a service anymore, it's a business. In order to be a service again it needs to be re-nationalised.
  10. What are you on about? there are no screens in there at all...
  11. same old story really, complain if they take too long, complain if they do it as quickly as they possibly can...
  12. What have the Chinese got to do with anything??
  13. I used to go in the Virgin Megastore loads, I even worked there one Xmas.
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