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  1. A night of Oi!/Streetpunk...call it what you will! The Warriors with original Last Resort vocalist Saxby.Old school Oi! Murdaball from Newcastle,Hybrid - oi, skin, punk with a bit hardcore - not for the faint-heated! An energetic frontman, a lead bass, and aggressive music - FAST AND LOUD! Geoffrey Oi!Cott from west Yorkshire,Cricket balls to the wall punk rock n roll! PRISONERS OF WAR from East Midlands,streetpunk rock n roll! See event here:https://www.facebook.com/events/1899727773658885/ or here:http://www.unlimitedpunk.xyz/up-march-3/ Advance tickets available https://www.seetickets.com/tour/the-warriors
  2. Kid Klumsy featuring Weab from DIRT BOX DISCO heading down from Coalville to sing silly songs about monkeys, chickens and boobs! Death to Indie are a devastating 4-piece Punk based band from the North East of England. With this band the accent is on originality, skilful live performance and the creation of high energy, fast paced, powerful Punk based music. Death to Indie are blazing a trail towards becoming one of the best Punk bands in the UK. SUCKERPUNCH!!! Punk Rock ********. Birmingham, England. . https://www.facebook.com/punchbags77 The MacGregors from Essex,In your face rock n roll maelstrom...... 5 Go Mad Pompey based punk band, UK82 styley with a couple of curve balls thrown in. Compered by Chris Heath Mr Badaxe himself! All this for a fiver,what better way to spend a ****ty February Sunday! Take a look here: https://www.facebook.com/events/146410575972134/ or here: http://www.unlimitedpunk.xyz/up-4-feb/
  3. Our 3rd annual event in aid of Roundabout, Sheffield Rebel Clash bringing all the tunes from one of the most influential punk bands of the time! The Thurmanators '77 to '82 punk from Adverts to Uk Subs n loads inbetween! The Strays are back too!Electronic original post punk/punk sounds! Plus raffle for gig tickets drink tokens n more! Free entry with donations bucket at the door Update on raffle items donated and by who to be won: 2 Sheffield Wednesday FC tickets kindly donated by SWFC 2 Sheffield United F.C. tickets kindly donated by SUFC £20 drinks vouchers kindly donated by The Mulberry Bar and Venue 2 tickets for The Warriors Murdaball & more! March 3rd courtesy of Unlimited Promotions 2 tickets for ANTI PASTI..... MARQUEE STAGE @ CUTLERS March 31st courtesy of Cutlers Arms plus band merch and more...raffle donations welcome!
  4. Keep up with the newer bands matey,there's loads out there again
  5. Our brand new festival showcasing some of the best original/ cover bandsand acoustic punk in the Punk scene today! O did we say it's FREE ENTRY but collection tins will be around for Macmillan cancer charity BANDS ANNOUNCED DOWNSTAIRS STAGE: The Manc Lads Rats From A Sinking Ship 3 Stone Monkey Punch Drunk PRISONERS OF WAR CRYO-GENICS BLEED-Punk Degenerates All Out Attack UK King Of Pigs HC LoGOz Flies on you ACOUSTIC ACTS AND BAND UPSTAIRS STAGE: Little Terry Paul Carter - Acoustic Punk Rum Direction Jando Fett Bad Impression Check out the bands here:https://www.facebook.com/events/1263411060438829/ and here:http://www.unlimitedpunk.xyz/Rails-band-page/
  6. Ending the all day punkfest in aid of Macmillan cancer....Free entry The Manc Lads. Britain's premier tribute to prankster punk provocateurs The MACC lads. Hailing from Manchester (hence the name.) The Manc Lads are three beer swilling kebab munching louts. Ecky on Bass & vocals, Bogi on guitar & vocals and Brucie on Drums. The lads have had the pleasure of having Stez Styx ( Macc Lads drummer) joining them on stage at several gigs across the country. Check 'em out:https://www.facebook.com/themanclads/
  7. Back by popular demand! Ming City Rockers hail from the place so bad they put it next to Grimsby. It’s not that time forgot it ; time never knew it was there. Huw Stephens of Radio 1 recently said “Ming City R*ckers are the best rock ‘n’ roll band ever to come out of Immingham” and he could well be right. There’s 4 of them. They like 3 chords. 2 they like better. What’s wrong with this world can be put right with Ming City R*ckers. It’s a revolution, it’s a revultion of what we've become , it’s all it takes to make things right. Ming City R*ckers Riot Rock Ruination! Headsticks ' distinct brand of punked up roots rock and roll blends barbed lyrics, anthemic choruses, and addictive melodies to create passion infused performances oozing honesty, integrity and raw energy, all delivered with a wry humour! Live performances, as well as their debut album 'Muster' and follow up album 'Feather and Flame' continue to receive rave reviews from pillars of both the world of folk and world of punk and it is little wonder that their unique style is attracting attention from near and far as the band continue their epic crusade to say it like it is! Now with added Bank Holiday Jez acoustic punk tomfoolery from Doncaster! Check the bands out here: https://www.facebook.com/events/109672772992341/ and here: http://www.unlimitedpunk.xyz/up-sept-13/
  8. 3rd annual Tramlines Punk Alldayer,full lineup... ROUGH KUTZ HUNG LIKE HANRATTY SEPTIC PSYCHOS CRIMINAL X W.O.R.M. FASTER THAN BULLS HOSPITAL FOOD THE REPRESSION WOLF BITES BOY WASTED LIFE NO THRILLS YORKSHIRE RATS BONES PARK RIDER NEWS FROM NOWHERE totally FREE ENTRY! Check out the bands here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1820756741505541/ and here: http://www.unlimitedpunk.xyz/Trams-band-page/
  9. I'll be seeing Helen on Friday if you wanna pass anything on pm me
  10. No Matter are an energetic, fast-paced, male/female fronted pop punk band from Belfast, N. Ireland. The 4 piece are built on infectious hooks, humourous routines and lively, raw shows. Plus they’re an all round nice bunch. What more could you want? Cast Ashore from Rotherham!We're not that great as musicians, but as a whole we're pretty cool right? Once quoted to be 'The best thing since penicillin and lager' FridayNightLights are a four piece, Punk/Post-hardcore effort from Leeds. They have an impressive history in music between them already and their shared experience creates an explosive and whole hearted live set. With recent airplay on BBC Introducing and shows from Scotland to Poland lined up with bands like GBH, it seems they might only be warming up... See vids of bands here:https://www.facebook.com/events/121278451784652/ or here:http://www.unlimitedpunk.xyz/up-july-4/
  11. A night of OI!/Streetpunk with Out of Order (Canada) UK tour promoting their new album on Randale records.1 of only a few dates before they head to Great Skinhead Reunion, Brighton 2017 and the only one in Yorkshire! Great support from Antisocial UK81 formed in 1981 and one of the earliest Oi! bands and Wolf Bites Boy Stoke on Trent/Sheffield based oi/punk band formed in 2014 by the 3 founding members of Senseless. Check out the bands here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1865020620425450/ And here: http://www.unlimitedpunk.xyz/up-june-1/
  12. Hospital Food from West Yorkshire return,they welcome all people from all walks of life, all races and backgrounds to their gigs. They do not discriminate against race, religion or colour of skin and "none Punks!"... They don't do Politics, they are about Punk rock not Political debate so please feel free to leave your Political views, no matter what they are, at the door on the way in! They are about playing Punk rock and HAVING FUN! Middle Finger and Il Complesso Oi/Streetpunk all the way from Italy playing only one Yorkshire date and it's here! All done for 11pm in time for last buses home,can you find anything better to do on a school night Take a look at the bands here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1159391977491419/ and here: http://www.unlimitedpunk.xyz/up-23-May/
  13. Our 2nd birthday putting gigs on at The Mulberry,what better way to celebrate than this lot!Cracking night ahead,not for the faint hearted or people of a nervous disposition! Hung Like Hanratty HILARIOUS, FILTHY PUNK ROCK FROM SUTTON IN ASHFIELD CATCHY AND UNFORGETTABLE! Al Sation - Vocals Liam Smith - Guitar Tezza - Bass Alex Smith - Drums the x rippers formed in 1978 in Barnsley from the ashes of the Maingate Rippers. The band supported The Angelic Upstarts, Cockney Rejects and The Drones in the 70's, played loads of brilliant gigs but never recorded anything they were happy with quality wise. The Rippers called it a day in 1981 when the New Romatics were taking over the World. Over 20 years later with the Silver Anniversary of Punk dawning, the X Rippers were re-kindled and decided to play together again, for a one off gig. That first gig attrached over 300 punks, young and old and the band were up and running again. Its old school punk with a bit of the new stuff thrown in. See you down at the front!!! Rum Direction Welcome to the world of music written and performed by Chris 'Jolly Roger' Heald. If you enjoy a good profanity ridden drinking song then welcome aboard! All this for just £2 entry! Check out the event and bands here: https://www.facebook.com/events/171626513320874/ or here:http://www.unlimitedpunk.xyz/up-21-april/
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