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  1. Hello Lady's, sorry if there are men who have posted, but I always seem to be in the minority group of men who have fibromyalgia ... Mine started over 3 years ago with pains all over my body and I wondered what was happening to me. It took over 2 years of visiting just about every consultant in Rotherham and Sheffield, before I was finally diagnosed with FM and Chronic fatigue, throughout this time I have continued to work, fortunately I have an office job and and not a manual one or I would have had no option but to have left because of the pain. However, I do suffer with fibrofog too and It drives me mad, some days I'm fine and can remember just about everything, but other days I think I struggle to remember my name, I can be in full conversation with someone and then I just stop and go silent because I have either forgot what I was going to say, or even worse forgot what the conversation was about. It is embarrassing at times, but I find that by writing things down when someone asks me for something I can manage it. Problem is when I've forgot I've written it and where I've put the list which does happen a lot!
  2. Try ebay, I went to collect some yesterday that I bought off Ebay, 4 very large red Rud and 7 small ones that he gave me for free when I went to collect, all for the bargain price of £8.99
  3. Hello all I know this is a Sheffield forum, but it does border on to Barnsley in parts. The reason for my posting is that we are currently in the process of writing our 3rd book 'Haunted Barnsley' and we are looking for stories or personal accounts of hauntings around this area. We currently have a book on sale 'Haunted Rotherham' and have just completed 'Haunted Doncaster' that's dues to be released in July 2012. If you would like further information or would like to contact us, please visit our website at www.haunted-series.co.uk Many thanks Richard and Joe
  4. I agree with the Indian call centre its shocking, but you do have the right to ask all foreign calls centres that serve the UK to be put through and English one, I always ask and they transfer me with no problem, no more problems... They may try and tell you that there isn't one, the reason being it's based in Ireland... But the service I have had from there is 100% always sorted my problems out for me.
  5. Hello, I have just had a very large and deep pond built in my garden and I'm looking for some cheap fish to establish it, goldfish, orfes koi etc, any size or age....if anyone has some that are cheap/free, could you please PM me. I can collect... Thanks in advance
  6. Does anyone know if Argos are open New Years Day? tried phoning them their contact centre, but their automated message is asking for a store number!!!!! haven't a clue what that is!
  7. We're with direct line for our 2 labs and have been for around 10 years, they do guarentee to cover the dogs for their lifetime, however, the policys do increase when they get over the age of 8, we're paying just under £70 a month now for my 2 and they 9 and 11. Only ever made 2 small claims in all that time. What ever you decide make sure you read all the small print, so that if they end up with a condition that needs tablets for the rest of their life, make sure it covers that...
  8. Hello Lee, the tunnel is in York and not Stocksbridge, the we've been to it and debunked the theory, the ghost is actually light reflections off the tiles and lights on the wall. If you video the tunnel in the same way has the girls did with a mobile phone, you can recreate what they did. See the link and it's the bottom video... CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO
  9. Please try MJ Roofing on 01709 582010 ask for Joe, he does a sterling job and reasonable too. Tell him Richard passed his details on.
  10. Hello It's the BBCs Inside Out programme, the feature is on trapped abroad... Thanks
  11. Hello, please see the link below regarding Steven Griffiths originally from Sheffield and his familys plight to bring him home. www.justgiving.com/stevensfund In addition, please watch the TV programme tonight 11th February 2009 (Inside out) on BBC1 at 19:30 Thankyou (For further information please PM)
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