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  1. I’ve created a Facebook group for single parents and I’m hoping that it will grow slowly and we can arrange a few social meets etc. I have literally only just created this group but feel free to join and we can collaborate ideas. https://m.facebook.com/groups/142720979850421 Anna x
  2. Hi. I’m a single mum of 2 children living in Dronfield. I’m looking to meet people in a similar situation to myself with a view to increasing our social circles, beating loneliness, perhaps having a few social meets every so often with people we all have something in common with. I’m struggling to find something like this and wondered if there was anybody who would be interested if I set up a Facebook group maybe where we can create events, have a natter and make a few friends and get a local group going? X ---------- Post added 06-01-2018 at 23:09 ---------- I’ve created a group, here’s the link if anybody would like to join https://m.facebook.com/groups/142720979850421
  3. Well there was no pedestrian no ambulance but maybe it happened a while ago, hope whatever happened nobody got seriously hurt
  4. Just walked down, there's a few cars in the middle of the road and a white taxi with a shattered windscreen like it's been hit or hit something. Lots of police, no signs of anybody hurt.
  5. The range sell them and so do Wilkinsons
  6. Yes, I agree. Mediocre at the best. Until now we've always been to Ferndale garden centre and it's lovely. Will def go back to Ferndale next year x
  7. It has closed and so has their Chesterfield branch but they've opened one big shop in chesterfield now it has a free car park too. X
  8. hippie? Why? I carry my baby in a sling and I'm part of Sheffield slings, I don't consider myself as a Hippy and I'm not a teacher as somebody else suggested.
  9. Hi. I can help http://www.facebook.com/AnnaBakesCakes
  10. I heard this last night too. I was up with my daughter between 1-30 & 330 and I had the window open. Very very strange noises.
  11. We've just been to a children's party and there was somebody doing the entertainment there called Sparky Marky, he was great. For my sons 5th we had Oreo and Friends and they were amazing. Not children's e retainers but animal encounters. Very educational, very hands on and got nothing but brilliant feedback from everybody. Wouldn't have it in your home though x
  12. They are expanding the shop that they own in chesterfield. More organised there too x
  13. This is nice to know! I work in theatres at the NGH and know who these people are. It's great to get feedback as we very rarely get to see our patients after they leave theatre X
  14. I can help if you want to PM me, my signature at the bottom of page is a link to my cake page x
  15. Hi. I can help you. PM me if you want further info x
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