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  1. does anyone know of a good button shop in/near sheffield? starting a 'button box' for my little girl and we need some interesting buttons to start us off thanks
  2. we want to take our 3 little ones (8,2 & 1) out christmas light spotting but need to know best streets/areas to go please! we in meersbrook but can drive if neccessary
  3. thats a shame, cheers though does indeed look like it's going to be great!
  4. when does endcliffe park playground open? thinking of going over with the little ones
  5. thanks for replies think my hubby and son are going to go and have a look first!
  6. thinking of my sons 8th birthday party there, we have never been, have heard good and not so good things about it, but nothing recent. sooo what d'ya reckon? suitable for 7/8 year olds? 'quality' of party food? any thoughts mucho appreciated
  7. Sorry forgot to say, needs to be somewhere open at lunchtime and child friendly! and apologies for typo in title!
  8. Hello, my partner and i are getting married at the registry office in town on thurs. Very small affair, just us, our two boys (aged nearly 6 and new baby) and 2 friends as witnesses. In typically unorganised fashion we haven't really thought of where to go afterwards! We just want to go somewhere relaxed-ish but somewhere i won't feel silly in me dress! (not big white dress but fairly posh, from monsoon). Don't really like any of the places around the town hall unfortunately. can anyone think of anywhere? We are getting desperate now! We live in Meersbrook but quite happy to go anywhere really. Thanks in advance
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