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  1. A little early but I thought I'd give you all the heads up on The Outdoor Show to be held at the NEC 26-28 March. Loads going on, lots of stands, lots of activity. Its a really good day out and you can get some bargains too. Check it out at http://www.outdoorsshowextra.co.uk/the_show_2010/Outdoorshomepage/ Hope to see you all there. http://www.wapentac.com
  2. Scoobz I only ever use my own two feet and never, ever cycle. To be honest I am not a huge fan of cyclists, therefore the handle is ironic. Come to think of it, I have been using more than my two feet these past few weeks. Having fallen down on every single walk, either knee deep in snow or skating on thick ice. A friend says that when I faal, its reminiscient of a tortoise been placed on its back. All limbs flailing.!!!
  3. Had a great walk this weekend starting from the ranger centre below Stanage edge. We climbed to the top of the ridge and walked along until we reached Burbage Bridge, then across to Higger Tor and back round below the edge to the centre. There were quite a few people out depsite the mist and limited visibility. There were some mountain bikers crashing through the fog along the top of the edge, which is a footpath only. This is really irritating for some walkers and gives the responsible bikers a bad name. Shame but like any portion of society there are always those who dont think that the rules, or laws apply to them. Same with the car parking. There are two large car parks along the bottom road, yet some still park on the grass verge. It onlyy costs £3.50 for the day and all that money goes back in to providing amenities for the public. Anyway, none of this spoilt a good day walking. There were some climbers out on the ridge and I am always impressed by the youth of today who get involved in the great outdoors. Walking up to the top of the ridge we had to cut steps in the snow which was still 6ft deep in places. The area reminds me a little of Scotland, with the ridge and pine tree plantations. http://www.wapentac.com
  4. Quite right runningman. Fortunately this time of year is out of season for most wild life on the fen. The terrain itself puts most people off from venturing out there and the lack of knowledge about its existence. However, I do take your point, and will make a note to modify my posts to include a request for people to take care and respect the countryside. I had much the same feelings when someone posted about the wallabies.
  5. Brave, because of the conditions and the terrain. Also the sheep that normally wait at the top of Grindsbrook to mug any passing walkers too knackered to put a fight, for their sandwiches.
  6. Megalith I like your adherence to the unspoken rules. Wild camping is not allowed in the Peak Park, but if people are responsible and act in the way you describe then a blind eye is turned. We wild camped on Harris last year, right on the beach, well in the dunes. What a treat that was. BUt I have to say I think you are very brave to choose kinder,. http://www.wapentac.com
  7. Out walking yesterday and saw a ranger talking to a walker just above howden. The ranger was advising the man not to walk across a snow field for fear of avalanche. The walker said he knew what he was doing and ignored the ranger. Sure enough as he was walking across a crack appeared in the snow and then it avalanched taking the walker with it. The ranger managed to get the dazed and embarrassed walker out. He needed treatment which the ranger gave and then he limped off probably feeling stupid. So do be careful out there. the snow is very hard on top., but has sufficient cracks underneath to pose a problem. there is also a danger of overhangs on crag tops, both from above and below so stay well clear of them. http://www.wapentac.com
  8. Superb walk today up aorund Langsett and on to Cabin Hill. Still plenty of snow left which is hard on top so good walking, although you have to watch for the very deep drifts. There was a coarsing party out as well and a couple of gamekeeps shooting pheasant I think. The sun was great and the views once on the top was fantastic. get out there whilst the snow is still around. But watch out for the guns. http://www.wapentac.com
  9. You've got it Agent Orange. Until recent times access was denied, but since CROW you can, if you have the stamina wander at will. A word of warning though. Do not go on to the fen alone. There are some very, very deep bogs. It is standard to be up to your knees. Some years ago the Duke of Rutland had drainage ditches cut across the fen and they found fragments of pottery and what looked like bits of buildings. So the story and may be true. Thanks for the kind comments on the blog http://themockbeggar.blogspot.com/
  10. Im booked on a ST Johns course next weekend. They do courses for all sorts of different activities. Have a look at their website for details. Paul http://themockbeggar.blogspot.com/
  11. Ive been looking at i phone and i touch apps for walking. The only problem for me is that the maps are 1:50000, which is fine but when you are used to 1:25000 I need to re set the brain. Im still using my GPS which isn great for recording where I have been and where I am, but useless for telling me how to get to where I want to go unless I have downloaded a walk. Do you think there will be more walk downloads for Apps in the future. http://themockbeggar.blogspot.com/
  12. Today I had a walk out on to Leash Fen. This is the first time I have been to this desolate place since it was made accessible by CROW. You really have to watch yourself because most of it is just marsh. The recent weather hasnt helped walking much. I wanted to visit it since I read about the sunken village there. I had not heard this story before. Having now been there perhaps this story is true. Has anyone else got any experience of it. http://themockbeggar.blogspot.com/
  13. Thought you were talking about me then Scoobs. I thought how the hell does he know me!!!!
  14. I love this area. I remember seeing the hippie encampment, but didn't reliase that it was a protest at quarrying, nor that 3 people had died protesting. When I visit the Ladies I often think about the people that put them there and why. Its lost in the mists of time. It makes me wonder about todays religions, what will people think in 2000 years about our types of worship. Makes you think whether Christ etc are real. or are they just another passing religion??????
  15. Grindsbrook and the nine ladies are all favourites of mine as is the manifold valley which is a little further south. Luds church isnt bad either expecially after kevin costner was there, says the wife !!!
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