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  1. Hi, my aunt and uncle owned that shop back in the late '40's and early '50's before Stan Cave . It was they who named it McGreggors, I think. And coincidentally, John Cave, Stan's son, worked for me for 6 years back in the late '70's and early '80's and we had kept in touch until I moved abroad 16 years ago.
  2. Monteney Junior School also had a couple of Hengist blocks up behind the 'as was' Monteney infants!
  3. RIP Nigel. You and your knowledge of the Ecclesfield area will be sadly missed. Hope you wrote some of it down.
  4. Hi Ray, First of all, forget about where i said I thought that Eddie had taken the stewardship of a club down Attercliffe, I was confusing him with someone else. Birley Moor Road becomes Mansfield road heading towards Sheffield and that's where the Embassy Ballroom was i.e. it's the same road. I have spoken to my brother and he seems to think that Eddie worked for Scotts Hairdressers who had shops in both The Wicker and Attercliffe before going on his own and opening the shop I have described near the Embassy Ballroom. If it helps, I think i can remember him wearing dark horn rimmed glasses and we both agree that he sported a small moustache.
  5. Hi Ray, I've just had a flash back ( it was painless ) and i saw Eddie's hairdressers shop just above the Embassy Ballroom, on the same side in a row of shops...........and i think he lived, at that time, somewhere just across the main road in a semi detached. I think i can remember calling at his house, then walking across the road to his shop.
  6. My parents were family friends of Eddie Lyons. Don't know what the connection was but I can vaguely remember going to his hairdressers shop with my father and elder brother, but like you, can't recall whereabouts his shop was. I may be wrong, but I now think going back around 60 odd years that Eddie and his wife took the stewardship of a club down Attercliffe somewhere. If that was Eddie Lyons, as kids,we had our first puppy from him, a cross boxer, which we grew up with.
  7. The coach I remember was definitely done out as a motorhome completely and I think was in a light green colour.
  8. As a student in '64, I worked for Longdens on a building extension for Kennings here. A mobile home based on a full-size coach was often seen on the forecourt of the factory which I was told belonged to Arthur Lee of the steelwork company. The rear of the coach opened up to provide wheelchair access.
  9. My old boss was a member and often took we senior staff members for a sort of bonding session which included a meal and a few games of snooker. Nice place.The one I went to was on George Street.
  10. I used to deliver milk there at weekends around '62 and for a few years after and it was definitely Queenies then.
  11. She worked for Tarmac Construction in a promotional role when I worked there in the middle 70's.
  12. As a schoolboy in the early 60's, I worked part-time at Weldon's farm in Ecclesfield along with one of their full-time employees, Tony Goodman. Looking for all the work ( money) I could get in those days, Tony introduced me to his father who had a shop on Swanbourne Road next to the Lane Top Essoldo with a view to washing his car every Sunday. Could this have been the John Goodman mentioned above as the name Baltic Bakery was definitely mentioned by one or other of them?
  13. Back in '64, I was accepted on a Building Construction Diploma course at Sheffield Poly but I was told to try and obtain some on-site experience before the course started. I joined Longdens and was sent as a labourer to the Barrack Parade ground where they were constructing an extension to the BRS Depot. Some 12 years later, I joined Sheffield Insulations and found myself eventually with an office in the main Barrack block on Langsett Road overlooking the same parade ground I had worked on earlier. Somethings are just meant to be!It is a wonderfully well-constructed building and I know as I was involved with some of the internal alterations at that time.
  14. I worked for Longdens on an extension to the BRS Depot in 1964 which was located on the Barrack's parade ground.............then later worked for Sheffield Insulations from 1976 to 1982 which was located in the buildings surrounding the parade ground.
  15. My Dad had one.................bought it new from Hatfields in 52/53. He kept it for about 10years I think. Reg OWA 847. I last saw it in the early 80's on the back of a tipper, presumably being taken to a scrapyard!
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